Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drop it like it's HOT (aka. THE Birth Story) Part Two

My prayers are successful.
The contraction ends and my body stops pushing.

I stand up on shaking legs and say to James, "We have to go to the hospital NOW!" He trys to get me to calm down saying the baby isn't just gonna come out all of a sudden. I am thinking, "YES, she IS." We start making a mad rush for the door to get ourselves to the hospital. We get to the edge of the kitchen counter and a couple feet away from the door when I feel a contraction starting to build. I grab onto the counter for support and start screaming more from sheer terror than anything else. My body is just pushing, I don't know how to make it stop, and I can feel the baby coming out. I am thinking that James is going to have to catch this baby and needs to get ready for it and that we need to call 911. Since I am in the middle of the contraction there is no way for me to communicate this. All I can do is scream. James, by the way, still has no idea that this baby is really right THERE. He is however, very inspired by my heroic effort.

At that very moment, like an angel from heaven, Molly (our doula) busts up into our apartment (she heard me screaming from the parking lot and knew what was happening.) She gets in my face and makes me open my eyes and look at her. She tells me to lower my scream to a low groan and to start puffing. The second I open my eyes and look at her I am able to calm down and focus. My body immediately just stops pushing. If it wasn't for Molly coming in at that very moment I think I very well may have had the baby right there.

I tell Molly, "We have to go to the hospital NOW." She says, "Okay, so you want to go to the hospital." She knows it is urgent but is trying to portray calmness. I am thinking, "These people are entirely too calm." I grab Molly's hand and shove it between my legs and say, "the head!"
The baby's head hadn't crowned yet but you could literally feel a bulge down there. It was just about to crown. Molly felt it and said "O- Kaaay."

She looks at James and says very seriously, "Drive and DON'T stop."

Molly says that she pretty much made the split second decision on whether we would be able to make it to the hospital or if she needed to get ready the deliver the baby and have the EMT's meet us at our apt. She says she knew when I was able to calm down and follow her instructions that we would make it to the hospital.

We hightail it to our cars and Molly is instructing me to keep my voice low no matter what and to puff. Water is dripping down my legs. There are some guys working on landscaping just staring at us with their mouths open. We don't have time to grab half our stuff (including my phone, the camera, the car seat.)

I get in the car but I can't actually really sit because I'd pretty much be sitting on the baby's head so I'm "sitting" with my pelvis tilted in the air. I can feel that my body wants to have another contraction and wants to push so I am trying so hard to keep my groans low. I just start saying "Jesuuus Jesuuus Jesuuus," to keep my voice low and to control my breathing and to keep this baby IN. I'm just praying in my head "Dear Jesus, please let us make it to the hospital. Please let us not get pulled over. Please let us not get in accident."

We pass two cops and James runs two red lights. Thankfully the hospital is less than 2 minutes away. We get into the lobby of the maternity center and another contraction starts and I feel the baby crowning as I'm waddling in. The triage nurse comes out and is like, "Let's get you to triage. "Okay, triage is the place they first send you to check you and make sure you are far enough along to actually stay at the hospital." James is trying very hard to calmly explain their is no TIME for triage. Meanwhile they sit me in a wheelchair. Again, I stick my pelvis up in the air. I'm pretty sure her head has crowned so I reach down and check. I def. can feel the top of her head. I lift my hand up and it is bloody. A nurse sees my bloody hand lifts up my skirt and sees the head.
The nurse starts yelling, "Get her to the closest room. She's at a plus two! She's a plus two!" (Plus two basically means the top of her head is out.) There is a flurry of activity and they wheel me to the closest room. There are like 6 nurses hovering around. They put me on the bed and I just hear a nurse yelling, "Get Tina! Get Tina!" (Tina was the midwife on duty.) Molly shoves a pillow under my head, the nurses throw up my skirt, and Tina rushes in.
Another contraction/push comes and the head starts to come more out. One of the nurse holds a fetal monitor strip up to my belly as the baby is coming out to listen for the heartbeat. I hear the heartbeat, my body pushes one more time, and Adoration is here. She was in a hurry apparently.
I remember feeling the "ring of fire" that every one talks about when she was coming out but it wasn't what I expected it to feel like. I remember thinking "oh, THAT is the ring of fire." It felt like more of a relief than anything.

I hear Adoration's beautiful cry as she comes out. I see her being held up and I just can't believe she is real. They place her on my chest and I know that THIS is love. It was probably the most amazing, surreal moment of my life. I don't remember this but James says that when I saw her I just said, "My baaabbyy." I held her close, totally in awe and James cut the cord.

Since I've birthed naturally, and on super-speed, the hormones coursing through my body have pretty much made me feel HIGH. High and completely in love with my baby.

After I deliver the placenta and the midwife sews me up (I tore a little.) After all that, the nurses and midwife leave us alone to let us bond.

James and I look at our precious little girl and kiss, completely amazed, in love, and changed forever. Words are too small too hold the swell of emotion that was happening. My husband, my heart.

So that's the story. Besides the sheer moments of terror where I thought the baby my drop out on our living room floor, I had a very blessed birthing experience. I would say, that for me, birthing naturally was totally worth it.

Oh and for some reference on the timing of everything:
I woke up in labor at 5 am.
The point where I said "I don't know how much longer I can do this" was about ten minutes before we got in the car.
My water broke and my body starting pushing the baby out about two minutes after that.
We left our apartment at about 11:30.
Adoration was born at 11:49

What just happened?
oh..I had a baby. Happiness. Exhausted and gazing at my hubby.


  1. what a great story! so many details...i love how every baby has such a unique entrance into the world. beautiful!

  2. i wanted to cry haha. Beautiful story :]

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower. I found you on Top Baby blogs. Your blog is lovely:) \
    I LOVE your story!! CONGRATULATIONS. She's beautiful!!
    You can find me at www.bouffeebambini. Take a peek at my giveaways if you come by. They are all handmade GORGEOUS baby stuff.

  4. wow, that was an amazing birth story. what a beautiful baby, and I love her name!

  5. Oh wow, I love your birth story. It had me on the edge of my seat. My baby girl was born about a month after Adoration, and we did a natural childbirth too! (Congratulations, by the way!)

    Our stories are very similar! I slept through much of my early labor and woke up to regular contractions at 3 minutes apart. We stayed at the house a couple hours (trying not to get to the hospital too early) and then realized I was way farther along than I realized. I was 8cm when we got there, but my baby took a couple more hours to show up. And then we met our beautiful Amelia :)

    Natural childbirth is totally worth it. I'm so glad to hear another person who had a good experience going med-free! I'm bookmarking your birth story for inspiration/encouragement for the next time I get ready to have a baby!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Katie.aww...thanks! so glad it can be an encouragement for other mama's out there. :)

  7. This was an awesome story!!! Our little girl is due next month and we are going all-natural.

    Thanks for sharing this. I love birth stories...especially first-time mamas. Gives me inspiration!

    Also, we live in Charlotte too!!! Yay! :)

  8. just read this and cried! so awesome!

  9. sooo amazing!!! love the caption "What just happened? Oh... I had a baby." haha, I did the SAME thing

    *Ashley Marie

  10. This is so similar to what happened to me two weeks ago when I had my second baby. Except our hospital is 20 minutes away and I decided to stay at home. There was no way I was getting in the car for a 20 minute ride!!! I love this story so much!

  11. this is beautiful!! i have been stalking your blog! ;) beautifully written and so intense mama! congratulations! i have my birth story here, and ironically its in two parts as well!! ;)


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