Monday, October 25, 2010

Like a moth to the flame.

This past week has been a busy one. Gran Gran came to town (that G'ma & Adorations Great G'ma).
My G'ma lives in Oregon so it was her first time meeting Adoration. Adoration as usual, put on the charm and turned her Gran Gran into putty.

Not only did Adoration get to hang out with Gran Gran but she saw both sets of Grandparents and two uncles. AND this weekend her Auntie is coming into town.

Remember analogies on the SAT?


A. birds : nest
B. moths : flame
C. book : library

....and the answer is B. moth : flame

because Adoration attracts our family like a moth to a flame.

I doubt you'll be seeing this analogy on the SAT's anytime soon.

Adoration & Gran Gran. They are pretty much in love.

The cuteness.
The cuteness is wearing:
Dwell Studio for Target cardigan and skirt,
a cloth Gdiaper,
and Trumpette socks.

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  1. oops..accidentally commented under our neighborhood gmail acct. you don't have a stalker. adoration is soooooo beautiful!

  2. Anahi has that sweater, hmmm I bet it would still fit her this year she is super tiny hehe


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