Thursday, October 28, 2010

Run Baby Run

Adoration is 4 months old and I am within 5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight. Let me say that again with more gusto: I am within 5lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight!!!!!
I know...go me.

I'm gonna be real. It was really hard seeing the changes in my body after having Adoration. I had to come face to face with all my demons of vanity and body image. Mix in crazy hormones and a full length mirror and there you have a recipe for many a breakdown.

You know what I discovered? That it doesn't really matter what shape I'm in, the things I felt about my body image AFTER pregnancy was EXACTLY how I felt BEFORE pregnancy.

I'm determined to get back in shape but more than that I'm determined to change my thought yielding them to the things that are true. I want Adoration to grow up KNOWING she is beautiful and that starts with me being the example.

About to hit the pavement, in my new running shoes.

You GO Mommy!

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