Friday, September 17, 2010

Shut the front door.

Ya’ll, yesterday I decided to try to put on some pre-pregnancy jeans. Not just any pre-pregnancy jeans, my SKINNY pre-pregnancy jeans. I was able to pull them on.

Shut the front door.

Was I able to button them ? Of course not. I still got 10 lbs to go people.
But just pulling them on felt like a major accomplishment. Just a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even put ONE leg in them. I could only get one calf of one leg in. Depressing. I held up those pants and they looked so TINY….like how did I ever wear fit into those in the first place?I banished all my pre-pregnancy jeans to a box in our guest closet so the sight of them wouldn’t bum me out.
I was so ecstatic when I put those jeans on. I squealed. I hopped around the house. Then I modeled them for James. He just rolled his eyes and said, “I told you so.”
You bet I rocked those jeans out. I just wore my bella band in place of actually being able to button them. No matter. I felt Skinny. Tiny. Miniscule.I believe I walked with what the hip-hop community and JT (JT for Justin Timberlake..I got my sexy back) call “SWAGGER.” what what.

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