Saturday, October 30, 2010


On Thursday, our local library had a fall festival, which was pretty much just an excuse to wear costumes. Adoration had the most adorable butterfly costume but it was just too HOT to wear the whole I put some ruffled bloomers on her, a flower headband, and tied the wings to her. Precious.

Here she is with her friend Ellie. Ellie is always so sweet to her, patting her and giving her hugs. And, yes, Adoration is about to topple over. Ellie is kindly holding her up.
And with her friend Jade...checking each other out.
Seeing these pictures makes me excited for possible "sisters" for Adoration in the future.
I always wanted sisters growing up, but just had brothers. Today, I have a couple of friends that I consider to be more "sisters" than just friends. I know they will always be a part of my life, no matter what. Though distance and even the seasons of our life may separate us I don't worry about our friendships fizzling because they are more than just friends, they are my sisters.
I hope Adoration will have sisters of her own one day, whether biological or "sister" friends. really just can't beat a good girl friend.

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