Monday, November 15, 2010

Love you forever.

Newsflash: Adoration is officially sleeping through the night....for at least a 12 hour stretch. Actually not so new, she has been sleeping completely through the night for at least a month. But man, that really deserves a newsflash because I FORGOT how great it is to sleep for eight consecutive hours. In case you don't know how amazing it is to sleep for eight hours straight, let me inform you: It is heavenly. Just heavenly.

In tribute of this most momentous milestone, lets take a look back:

My hubs captured the memory and snapped the picture. It was one of those mornings when Adoration was just out of the oven and still had the yummy newborn smell. I was exhausted after a night of waking up every two hours to feed her (and from the night before and the night before that.) After feeding Adoration, I passed out still propped up against the pillows from nursing, with glasses in hand, the boppy still on my lap, and holding that tiny girl close.

Adoration was snockered out as well and was apparently dreaming that she was a super-girl. Notice her arm in flying position, ready for take-0ff.

Oh those days of trying to grab sleep anytime, anywhere.

But is it the sleeplessness I remember? Not so much.

It is her newborn floppiness I remember, those paper thin fingernails, they way she curled perfectly on my chest, her tiny coos, the way she would lock eyes on to me, that soft, fuzzy hair, those perfect, tiny lips and yes...that yummy, newborn smell. Be still my heart.

That was just a few, mere months ago. oh how I miss that sweet, newborn-ness.

And I love her so much today. Exactly how she is right now. And I know a couple of months from now I'll be missing our morning cuddles and her actually falling back asleep, her open-mouth kisses, her dinosaur noises and bubble sounds, her fidgety legs and her wrist rolls.

But then she will be in a new, equally disarming stage that will make me smitten all over again.

I love her yesterday, her today, her tomorrow, and forever.

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  1. I always love whatever stage they are currently in the best. :) It just gets better and better.

  2. Hi there! I'm a new reader, and I just wanted to say that I'm in love with your blog, and that beautiful baby girl of yours. I'm due to give birth to my second child, another boy, in less than three weeks. I cannot wait for the newborn stage, nursing while half asleep in bed, listening to their little coos and noises, all of the magic. And I adore the stage my four year old is in, too...he's got his own magic, with our long conversations and his questions about life. It's all so wonderful, and I love how you write about it. Cheers!


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