Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Return of the Mohawk.

Yesterday morning, Adoration woke up and to my great delight this is what I found:

The Return of the Mohawk. You may not remember but for a couple months of my child's life she had a legitimate, no styling necessary mo-hawk. Her hair just stood up all by itself, straight down the middle of her head, all awesome-like.

Then one day, her hair finally got long and heavy enough to lay down. It was no longer a Mo-hawk but a Mo-FLOP. I was kinda sad about it to be honest. No worries though, she is still the cutest thing around, and now I put cute, tiny clippies in her hair.

THEN, yesterday morning, I looked into her crib and the mo-hawk had returned! Temporarily, of course, but my heart did sing when I saw it. Adoration was, as usual, completely oblivious to the awesome-ness that was her hair standing up 3 inches off her head.

I smothered her with kisses. I squealed. I giggled out of sheer delight. I took some pics with my phone and sent them to her daddy. I snapped some pictures of her in her jammies with my camera.

Then a mere minutes later my camera fell on the floor. Lens down. The lens seems to be broken and is stuck in the body of my camera. I cried and I almost threw up.

Hopefully it is fixable. Bummer. for realz.

Let me end this on a happy note though:

Okay, I feel better.

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  1. Awww girl - I hope your camera is fixable and ok.

    Adoration is awesome....she is rocking styles that she will one day be proud of. :-)


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