Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cue the magical chime sounds.

So...I'm pretty darn excited about Adoration's first Christmas. Having a child just seems to put the magic back into it. She's still a bit little to enjoy the full effect...but oh the coming years of that joyful, childlike anticipation.
I really want her to know that God is a God who gives good gifts to His children. As a parent, I figure, we are the people best suited to deliver that message to her. Now, I know that doesn't mean overindulging her or just giving her whatever she wants, whenever she wants it....
But don't we all have that memory of that ONE thing we just wanted so BAD as a kid? And don't you remember when you actually got it and the world stopped spinning just for you in that moment? That "Christmas Story" Red Rider BB gun moment?

I hope so. Every kid should have that moment.

I so look forward to the day where we can give Adoration that moment.

On a lighter note, James and I were visiting Athens last week. We were walking through downtown and what did I my eyes behold in the window of a store?

Cue magical chime sounds. Yep, Fraggles. There were Fraggles in the store window. I LOVED Fraggle Rock as a kid. Absolutely. loved. it.

I high-tailed it into the store and found Red, my favorite Fraggle. I bounced Red in front of Adoration, who immediately giggled and reached for her. "You love her don't you? Don't you want the Fraggle?" I cooed to Adoration.

Then James walked in.
"Look! Fraggles! See...Adoration loves her!"
He just gave me that "please don't try to convince me that our daughter wants that because really she won't know the difference, YOU are the one who really wants that, we are on a budget and you know it" look.

I sadly put Red back on the shelf. I could read his mind and he was right.
Thanks Dave Ramsey. Thanks a lot.

So maybe for her birthday?

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  1. I just wrote about this same "magic" that comes rushing back when you have a baby! Love it!
    Have you started the Elf on a Shelf tradidion yet? I thought it would be extra speical if I could write a note inside the book during his 1st Xmas...that way every year when we it out he could always see the note from his first Xmas!


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