Monday, December 20, 2010


The last week or so has been just packed full of festivities. yay!
My husband's company had it's Christmas party (we are all good friends which makes all our get together's so much fun.)
We traveled to Georgia for a wedding.
We went to a rock show.
Went to the Christmas service at Queen City Church....where ya'll, they had a CHOIR and did a sufjan stevens version of one the Christmas carols. made my little heart happy.

Do I have pictures of us at any of these events? Nope. Geez, where is my paparazzi to take pictures of my family when I am actually wearing an outfit that doesn't entail yoga pants?

I do have some pictures from the Georgia wedding. The pictures are not mine. But I am in them. score.

My BFF's little sis, Sarah got married. Sarah is gorgeous, is a hairstylist/educator, and has fabulous platinum hair. She also had a super fabulous wedding dress. I unfortunately don't have a pic of her fabulousness, but below is a pic of my BFF Erika and me at the wedding.

Notice how great Erika's make-up looks. (It was done by one of the bride's cosmetology friends.) She is gorgeous without it, of course, but I sure was envying her make-up job.

Notice how I look like I'm not wearing any make-up. I tried. I really did. I FELT like I had put on lots of know....trying to glam it up for the wedding . And I look exactly. the. same. #someonepleaseteachmehowtoputonmakeup.

The next pic are me and the hubs cutting a rug. My hubs thinks its his personal responsibility to get the party started. He is good at it too:
The dance floor was empty.
He got on the mic, worked his magic, and got practically everyone on to the dance floor.
Party started.
The rest of the night people thought he was the DJ and the actual DJ referred to James as "wild" James. bwahahaha.

This is a blurry picture and we look super awkward but please notice my hubby's SKINNY tie. I just love skinny ties. As my hub's says, "skinny guys need skinny ties." Skinny guys everywhere, take note.

Okay, that was my super-random, mostly picture-less blog post. Stay-tuned for a 6 month letter to my little patootie and pictures of her cutey-patootie-ness.

Happy Holidays!


  1. So much fun! a wedding with the boothe's is one of the best ways to celebrate!! hope y'all have a fabulous Christmas!! blessings to you!!

  2. Fun! I love weddings! I enjoy reading your blog entries!

    Mandy @ she breathes deeply

  3. haha, my husband's like that too with dancing! and he's skinny.

    i think you look great!


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