Monday, December 6, 2010

The Miracle Baby that stole all our hearts.

Over Thanksgiving, Adoration woke up in the middle of the night with labored breathing. It ended up being a fairly harmless respiratory infection but when she woke up that night, hot and flushed, gasping and coughing for air it so frightened my mommy heart.

I anxiously checked for all the signs that you check to make sure she was breathing alright. (Thank you baby CPR/ first aid training) She seemed okay but sounded HORRIBLE. Her chest sounded like a pug dog interrupted by coughing fits. James and I held her through the night, patting her back through coughing fits and just listening to her breathe.

I remember holding back tears, praying over her little body....and when I wasn't doing that....ALL I could think about was my friend Jessie Mathis and her sweet daughter, Sparrow. Sparrow was born with a congenital heart defect and has already had one open heart surgery (at just a few days old) and this coming up Wed. will be having another one.

That night when I heard Adoration waking up, gasping for air, I felt like I was getting just a glimpse of what my friends go through. It's such a deep, searing heart hurt to look at your child and want them to be perfectly well and healthy. The feeling of a vice squeezing your heart and placing a permanent lump in the back of your throat every time you look at them. You would trade places with them in an instant. But you can't. and you just feel helpless. Like I said, I saw JUST a glimpse of that. I think only a parent and Father God can begin to comprehend that feeling. That ache.

That night I prayed. I prayed for Adoration...but really, I knew she was gonna be okay. Mostly I just prayed for the Mathis's. For grace to get through the day. For Sparrow to live long, healthy, and vibrant days. for Sparrow's heart. for their hearts.

Join me in praying for my amazing, warrior friends.

Read their story HERE.

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  1. There is nothing more frightening than the thought of something happening to your little one. I can certainly relate. Glad everything is ok!

    Courtney from


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