Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rude Awakening

I've been a little lazy about blogging lately. My beloved camera is still under the weather and for some reason, not being able to take the kinds of photos I want inhibits my desire to blog....that, and a little bit of writer's block.

So a little bit of an update:
It's been a little out of the routine around the Boothe household. My husband was out of town for about 5 days for work. He's my best friend so I always miss him terribly when he has to go out of town. I kept showing Adoration pictures of him...."look! your Daddy!" She, of course, responded by giggling than trying to eat the pictures.
It wasn't so bad though. One of my bestest girl friends came to visit...ALL THE WAY from Georgia to help ease the pain of not having my hubby around. That's what friends are for, right?

THEN, a day after James had been back, James woke me up from a morning nap to find the building next to us ON FIRE. ( We live in an apartment.) umm...what? I threw some boots on, we grabbed the baby and hightailed it out of there. It was pretty crazy. We had to stay evacuated from our apartment until the fire was put out and we got the "ok" to go back in. No one was hurt and our apartment wasn't harmed, but scary right?
It was a three alarm fire and they had over 60 firefighters working to get that fire out. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction of our apartment so we were extremely lucky. I just feel so bad for all those people who lost all their belongings and don't have a "home" to go home to right now.
I sat with one of the ladies who lived in the building and just listened to her cry. I was at a complete loss of words. All I could do was just put my arm around her and hug her. Adoration was a better comfort, I think, with her disarming smiles and adorableness. There is something about a clueless, happy baby that puts people at ease. They are like puppies in that sense. You can just cuddle them and they help you feel better.

The fire definitely put things in perspective. Looking out the window and watching a building go up in smoke, I did not care about ANY of our stuff. Not that I'm super invested in our "things" but I didn't even THINK about trying to grab anything. I just wanted my husband, my baby, and me out of there. It shook James up a little bit because both me and Adoration were asleep when it happened. What if that had been our building? What if he wasn't there? Those were the thoughts that were running through his head. There are some places the mind just doesn't want to go.

So check your fire alarms, listen to Smokey bear, and thank your local fire fighter. for realz.

This is what we saw outside our porch. James snapped a picture on our way out.
and some videos of the fire:


  1. wow, scary! glad everyone's ok

  2. Very scary...hope everything works out ok for your neighbors!

  3. wow, so glad no one was hurt! Yes, I agree, there is something about a baby that is so comforting. They are innocent and adorable :)

    Love in Christ,


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