Friday, December 31, 2010


It' 2011. You know what that means...the ubiquitous New Years Resolution list. (side note: I'm pretty proud of myself for just using the word "ubiquitous." Mommy brain has drastically affected my vocabulary.)

My side note brings me to my FIRST resolution for 2011:

1) Read More :
I love reading and speed reading is my one true talent in life. I am a Super-speedy-fast-while-still-comprehending-could-probably-win-a-contest Reader. I AM prone to exaggeration but not about myself. So it's true....I can read super fast...most likely faster than you.
So that being said:

I need to read more of these two things: Literature and the B-I-B-L-E. Especially the B-I-B-L-E. Reading the bible the past two years has felt like trying to wade through some kind of heavy, murky bog. Hard. I'm determined though.

2) Write More:
On this blog...journaling....poetry....etc.
Also...I have this deep, quiet desire to write a BOOK. I have no earthly idea what I would write. Maybe heaven will give me some inspiration this year.


I love dancing. I didn't dance growing up but I discovered dance in college. I started taking some classes and FELL IN LOVE. I feel most alive when I dance. I feel loved and free when I dance. I feel beautiful when I dance (even though I'm not very good.) The last dance class I took was a modern class before I got pregnant. Yesterday I was organizing my closet and found my shoes and tights. I almost started crying. Miss. It. I also just miss the spontaneous dancing in the living room, making up my own choreography as I go, kind of dancing. For some reason I haven't done that in too long.

I have this sweet memory from college: My dance professor would let me come to the dance space before class (when the room wasn't being used) and let me have it all to myself. I would just let myself go.

4) Paint/Photography

are you seeing a theme? I have had a creative block and I really want to get those juices flowing again.

5) Grow in love with my husband. Be a better wife.

I want to grow more in love with my husband every year and continue to become the wife of his dreams.

6) Love People/ Get out of my bubble:

I want to be ready with the kind really SEE the people around me. I want to love people I encounter in my every day life but I also want to find a specific outlet that gets me out of my suburban bubble.

7) Exercise/ lose the rest of my baby weight:

My weight loss has stalled. I am 5-7 lbs away from pre-preggo weight. It is stubborn, stubborn weight. I can fit into some of my pre-preggo pants but not most of them. AND the holidays REALLY did not help.
My goal is to do some kind of exercise at least 6 days a week and to eat smaller meals but more often. Since I'm nursing I've got to keep my caloric intake up but hopefully that plan will kick my metabolism into gear.

8) Enjoy my baby girl.

Well, this is an easy one. It is impossible not to enjoy my baby girl...she is just so enjoyable. I do want to not take this season of our lives for granted. I want to drink it all in to the very core of me, imprinting every memory onto my heart, and breathing out "thank you" with every breath.

This New Years was celebrated in a different parents. Scrambling for and unable to find a babysitter, I resigned myself to staying at home while our more unattached friends partied it up at a karaoke/dance extravaganza.

Our friends Mark and Jessie saved the night. They had us and our other friends William and Beth over. We spent the night talking about push-up bras (the girls), sharing how-we-met stories, deep belly laughing, and sharing our secret-heart hopes for the New Year...or for life in general. We rang in the New Year gathered around the fire, the wives sitting on their husbands laps, with our sweet babies asleep upstairs. We clicked our champagne glasses, smooched our hubbies, and thanked God for 2011.

New Years Eve was officially redeemed.

How did you spend your New Year's ?

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  1. ubiquitous is my most favorite big word. and it is so useful.


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