Friday, January 21, 2011

All Things Beautiful: Charley Harper

I am just smitten with Charley Harper illustrations.I'm a fan of his vibrant, minimalist depictions of nature. Before I got pregnant, when we were just entertaining the idea of having a baby, I decided our future baby needed this:

So I ordered it off Amazon. It was the very first thing that I got to go in the nursery for our future baby that we had yet to conceive. This one little thing ended up being the inspiration for Adoration's entire nursery. Here is the sneak peek. (whoops, never gave you the full "reveal" on this blog. I'll get on that.)

This is a Charley Harper needlepoint. lovin' the the homespun mixed with the modern. It would go perfect in Adoration's room:

I wish my Biology books were this pretty. It would've kept my attention a whole lot better:

I'm smitten over these children's learning books, 123's and ABC's, featuring Charley Harper amazing-ness.

And I wouldn't mind this present for the coffee table: a book of his collected works.
Happy Saturday!

img one, three, four, five, six-amazon
img two- here

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  1. I love him as well. His work is amazing. Cannot wait to see the nursery post!


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