Monday, January 10, 2011

Delirious Happiness

Today it SNOWED! Down here in the South, snow is a rare occurrence. We usually get what weather people call " a wintry mix," which means cold, wet, grayness. Snow is so much better. It softens the whole world and makes everything postcard pretty.
Another added bonus of snow in the south is that pretty much everything shuts down. When it snows, the south collectively hides from it's normal every day grind and makes a play day out of it....or a sloth day. Both as a student, and then as a work employee, snow days were cause for DELIRIOUS HAPPINESS. Now as a stay-at-home mama, they don't cause quite the same delirious excitement (because it means our ability to leave the house is impaired) BUT snow days are still a happy occasion, indeed.

I layered Adoration up in lots and lots of layers (alas, no snowsuit) and introduced her to her first real snow.

She surveyed her surroundings with a tentative smile.
I think she kinda liked it.
Then she just looked cold. And then her lip kinda of trembled. Time to go back inside.
I stripped off her wet layers, and back in the warmth, she quickly returned to her normal state of smiley-ness.
As I was clicking pictures I started telling her to "Work it, girl, work it!"
She took heed and this next succession of pictures is what I got:

You've got to admit, the girl knows how to work it.

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  1. She is absolutely precious! (oooo this makes me so excited!!! I am having a little girl of my own in 8 weeks!) I love her name. It is so pretty!

  2. Too cute - amazing pictures and amazing baby girl


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