Monday, January 24, 2011

favorite things

Adoration had her 7 month birthday on Jan. 16th. My how time flies! Every mama out there tells you that the time just goes by so fast when you are pregnant. I would just hold my belly and smile. I am living the truth of that statement now. Watching Adoration grow is glorious, but the effects on my heart are bittersweet.
I was talking with another mama friend whose daughter just had her 1st birthday. She was saying how she wish she could have JUST ONE DAY to have her be a teeny baby again. That would be oh, so nice. Since no time machine exists, I will just have to soak in every magical moment with every ounce of my being.

Here is the pa-toot, just "talking" away, telling me all her thoughts.

And what I just can't get enough of......

Dear Adoration,

You are growing to be oh so beautiful! Every day I think, "How are you SO beautiful?" I have so much fun with you and enjoy every little moment (even the cranky ones.) I just love you that much.

I thought you might want to look back and know some of your favorite things at this stage in your life.

Favorite Activities- smiling, bath time, snuggling, riding in the Ergo, "talking" (you can already say 'dada', 'mama' and 'baba' !)

Favorite Games- flying through the air, Peek-a-boo

Favorite Toys- your Ikea stacking cups, Sophie the giraffe, stuffed monkey

Favorite Book- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Favorite Food- smashed up Avocado

Favorite Songs- kid songs:"I am so proud of you" "Slippery Fish"
anything danceable: "Boom Boom Pow" Black Eyed Peas and "Dog Days are Over" Florence & the Machine

Guess what MY favorite is?

I love you Adoration Joy. There is no one else like in the whole world.

a thousand kisses,

Your Mama


  1. Whatever happened to Lobster-Bot?

  2. ha....I should've put that on there too. Lobster-bot is still beloved.

  3. awwww sooooo sweet! little sweet button

  4. I love it all Kristina - what a beautiful sweet girl and you are so right - hang on to thos emoments and memories, they are precious.


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