Friday, January 28, 2011

oh happy day.

Yesterday, I had the most fabulous day. One of my mama friends had some lovely ladies and their kiddos over for a play date. We are all part of a group called "the Wives Club." We get together every other week, talk, laugh, pray, and at least one person usually cries (it's the rule.) This little group has been such a blessing, especially entering in to this new season of motherhood. It's just good to have other mama friends.....and they are all beautiful, authentic, endlessly creative, inspiring and all sorts of wonderful qualities.

We decided to start having a play group because a bunch of us are stay-at-home mama's. And though I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom for anything I get a little stir crazy sometimes and a little starved for adult conversation. I was looking forward to this play date allll week. Apparently a couple other of the gals felt the same way because we stayed from 11am till 5pm! The time just whooshed by. The playgroup is really more for the mama's than the kiddos ;) but I think the kiddos enjoyed it just as much. Thanks Jess, for being such an awesome host and providing a much needed outlet for all of us!

* I didn't really take any pics cause I was just too busy enjoy myself but here are some of the p'nuts hanging out. All little girls.
from left to right: Micah Lyric and Sparrow Song chilled out. Adoration Joy(my patoot) and Isabel Aviah Eden sharing secrets. (Don't all our girls have such pretty names? I think so.)

and totally irrelevant, but I am just lovin' this show. Some funny for your Friday.


  1. I love that picture of the little ladies hanging out!! so much fun.

  2. HAHA, that clip reminds me of some Etsy stores

  3. Look at Adoration & Isabel telling secrets!! SO cute! Sorry my fat lens is in the way.


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