Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steppin' Out (in real cloths)

I decided to team up with Harper's Happenings and do Steppin' Out Saturday today. What is "Steppin' Out Saturday" you ask? Well, it's basically a "what I wore" post. Which means, you dear readers, get the prize of seeing what I wore today. Try to contain your excitement.

A "what I wore" post is a rare occasion indeed on this blog. First of all, let's be honest, most days I wear YOGA pants or LEGGINGS. I don't even do yoga for goodness sake. It is a good day if I have showered. If I miss my shower "window" during Adoration's first nap, well, so much for getting fresh. Also I am 100% less likely to do any form of working out if I get cute for the day. Oh, the sheer EFFORT of showering, putting on real cloths, doing my hair, putting on MAKE-UP. I sure wouldn't want to ruin the cute with gratuitous sweating. The way I see it is I have two choices before me 1) wear my ratty yoga pants and possible engage in some kind of exercise or 2) wear cute clothes every day and get fat.

But I digress....

So today I actually made the effort and put on real clothes. I wanted to properly document the moment.

Here I am, in all my awkward trying to be fashion-y posing, glory. I never how to pose for the camera when it's just me and I'm trying to show you my clothes. So I did what I see other people who are cooler than me do, turn toes in, hand on hip, look off into the distance. Call it the "fashion stance." You also get the blurry i-phone photo version. (Getting my camera back will surely revolutionize this blog. I miiiiss it. *whine*)

cardigan: f21
top: Anthropologie (on super-sale.)
jeans: f21
shoes: vintage, thrifted.
oh and my beloved Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag in the background.

And me with Tooters. (Less awkward because I can hide behind my baby and just do the smile at the camera thing.)

The Patootie is wearing

shirt: babyGap (hand me down)
skinny jeans/jeggings: H&M
boots w/ the fur: Target
headband: Nordstrom (gift)
hair: Awesome

And my shoes really do deserve a close-up. When I found them and discovered the were my size I squealed and hugged them. They have a white chunky heel and I just love the mod look. I'm pretty sure they are vintage circa 60's. swoon.

Well, that's all folks. Hope you are having a happy weekend. The Pa-toot is down for the night and it's time to cuddle with the hubs while he watches the Falcons and I pretend to be interested. *wink*


  1. you are beautiful in whatever you wear!!! you look marvelous!!

  2. you have a knack for dressing your little girl in the way I hope to do it someday: normal, just smaller.

    I really don't want to end up with lots of pink sparkle tutu doily outfits (unless it's dress up time) - your success here is encouraging me :)

  3. you are one foxy mama. and I love those shoes. we should totally go thrift store shopping one weekend!

  4. aw your post made me smile & laugh...i loved it! and don't worry...leggings are my uniform...they're like glorified sweatpants! i don't ever want them to go out of style :)

  5. You just got awarded the Stylish Blogger Award because you are one of my favorite blogs! See this post for details:


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