Friday, February 18, 2011

All Things Beautiful

This beautiful weather we have been having has got me thinking about baby baby's belly to be exact, in a swimsuit. I can't wait to see her playing in the sand with her baby belly and little baby thighs sticking out of a swimsuit. Be still my heart.

Here are some little suits I am just lovin':

retro sailor suit for baby, what's not to like?
Janie & Jack

eee!! I love this one. I think this might be the winner
for Adoration. I want her little baby belly to show. and it's in yellow.
and polka-dots.

These are for older kiddos and not babies, but I wish they
were for baby girls too (umm...and for adults.)

just look at that little pocket.
Crewcuts (J.crew)

Now adult swimsuits aren't nearly as fun, but I am determined to rock a bikini post-baby. So I've been checking out some online.

In theory I love all the retro-inspired, high-waisted swimsuits out there. But I have a short-waist, so I'm not sure how it would work. I would need to try it on.

I like how clean this one looks and the lil' buttons.

Any suggestions for a good bikini post-baby? No string bikini's need apply.

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