Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Welcome to my new feature, "Flashback Friday!" I thought it would be a fun place to share stories from the past, whether it be from when The Patootie was a teeny lil' newborn, college days, travels, first years of marriage.....well, you get the idea.

So here goes......

"A First Bath and a Story about a Plant."

This is an account of Adoration's very first at-home bath. She was a mere days old.

She wasn't so sure about it.
"What ARE you doing to me?"
"Well, maybe it's not so bad....feels kinda good...."

"NOOO, not the hair!!!!"
"Ahhh....warm and safe and cuddled."
The following is relevant to the bath....just go along with me.

Once upon a time, while still in college, one of my roomies gave me a plant. The plant was spawn from her plant, named Beauregard. I called my plant Beauregard as well and Beauregard has been a faithful plant to me for many moons.
He had a close call when I got married. I moved in with my hubby but temporarily forgot about Beauregard, leaving him in my old apartment with no water or sunlight for three whole months. When I finally rescued him he was just a shriveled up stump of a plant.
Beauregard is a resilient little guy and came back to life. He moved with us to North Carolina and continued to grow and thrive. He produced some spawn of his own and now there are three Beauregard plants in our home.

Fast-forward to the day of Adoration's first bath:

The original Beauregard that almost died now sits atop the cabinet that holds are TV in our living room. His growth has really kinda of gotten out of hand. His vines are only about 2 feet from the ground. He thinks he is a kudzu.

Our friends Mark, Angela, and their one year old daughter Jade came to visit. Mark was taking his turn holding Adoration. He was standing right by our TV cabinet, which also happens to be right under Beauregard the plant. Jade was having a good ol' time crawling around being a one year old around Mark's feet.

Do you see what is coming?


Jade found Beauregard's tantalizing vines just within reach. She gave Beauregard a nice big tug, pulling him down right onto her dad and freshly bathed Adoration.

Beauregard survived. He's been through much worse.

Adoration.....well, she was completely unfazed, sleeping through the whole ordeal. The potting soil got all over her, in her hair, in her ears, even some in her nostrils.

Time for another bath.

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  1. Too cute. This made me laugh. :D

  2. I've been (lovingly) stalking your blog for months now, but I can't resist commenting. I have a plant that looks just like Beauregard, a hardy thing I call Maslow. This made me smile. That is all.

  3. aww...Thanks Abigail. I welcome stalkers to this blog (the non creepy kind of course.) I love that your plant's name is Maslow. Those plants just beg to be named uppity sounding names.


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