Monday, February 14, 2011

Give some love away.

Oh how I love Valentine's day. Even as a single gal, I loved it. I think because it always was more than just a romantic holiday for me.

paper bag mailboxes and candy in elementary school.

exchanging little pretties with my room mates in college.

and now... having an excuse to squeeze my baby and cuddle her daddy just a little extra!

When I think back on my V-day memories, it's not the things I got that I remember, it's the love I gave away! One of my fondest V-day recollections is buying a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and giving it away to a gas station attendant. Her face just lit up, and seeing this stranger light up, made my lil' heart glow too. I really should do more such random acts of kindness. They make the world go round, I think.

Today this is how we will celebrate:

Me and the Patootie are making hand-made love notes for the man in our lives. (aka, her daddy, my hubs.) shhhh.....don't tell.

Me and the hubs are keeping it low-key tonight. I'm making a dinner of lemon rosemary chicken, rustic mashed potatoes, and strawberry spinach salad, with some earthfare treats for dessert. After the baby girl goes down for the night, we will probably eat our dinner in leisure and cuddle up to a movie. :) I prefer keeping V-day sweet and simple. Save the big guns for anniversary's and birthday's.

Hope you are having a wonderfully, love-filled, sunshine-y day!

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  1. sweet post! love your header! sounds like a perfect night to me :]

    much love,


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