Wednesday, February 2, 2011

just a snippet

I'ts been a lovely week thus far.

I made the effort to coupon this week (trying to save money on groceries) and saved $25 at the checkout for a week worth of groceries. saving money=motivation to coupon more. I always kinda had the theory that most coupons were for processed/unhealthy foods but that is not always the case! My goal this week was to try to plan our menu off of what was on special/sale and what I had coupons for, while not compromising on healthy fresh foods.

Here is a snippet of our dinner menu for the week, using food from my coupon/on sale grocery extravaganza:

~Vietnamese peanut soup with edamame and spinach

~ Salmon spinach salad with barley and red oranges

~Yogurt-marinated chicken w/ baked sweet potatoes and salad

~ ravioli w/ smoked turkey sausage and oven roasted tomatoes.

I know, you are sad you are not coming over for dinner.

In other happy news, I have a give-away I'll be announcing in the next few days. eeee!!!
I'm very excited about it and maybe a little sad I have to give the goodies away. ;) Sad for me, but happy for you!

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