Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Little Things

I think true joy can be found in all "the little things" piled up all together. I've found it can be so easy to take the little moments for granted, but when I stop to let them sink in, the gratitude just overflows. Here are some little things that have made my heart smile.

picking up my patoot from her crib every morning. she usually
giggles and wrinkly-nose smile when I open the door and she sees me.
I swoon a little bit inside from happiness every time.

taking a moment for coffee. extra cream please.

cuddling & story time.

a trail of toys.

baby feet.

play group tummy-time in the sunshine.

What little things have brought you joy today?


  1. so cute :)
    thrift shopping brought me joy today!

  2. Little Adria sleeping through the night, waking up and rolling over to see my hubby (he got home last night after I went to bed) and dancing with/for my baby this morning. Now that I'm at work, this joyful reminder has made me stop and put my finger on a few things! Thanks for the fun and sweet reminders!


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