Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days.

Sleepy girl.

Adoration has always been a good sleeper. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months and I could lay her down for naps and sleep, no problem. I know. I've been blessed.
Things have gotten a little trickier in the sleep department. At about 6 months it got hard to lay her down for naps at other people's houses or in unfamiliar environments. She would get scared with the unfamiliarity, be sad and make me sad. But she would still be fine at home.

And now...at 9 months...she periodically is fighting her naps and bedtimes. I know she is soooo tired but it's like she doesn't know how to stop moving sometimes and just settle down. And now she gets MAD. M-A-D that it is sleepy-time.

This afternoon I had to let her C.I.O.

I hate the sound of the phrase.

I've been lucky enough not to really have to use C.I.O. I would just lay her down when it's time for her to sleep and she would just roll over, suck her thumb, and go to sleep. It was pretty magical. Being consistent with our schedule, reading her cues, and having the blessing of a easy-going baby has been just the right mix of us not having to use C.I.O.

but this afternoon I had to do it.

She needed to sleep.
She didn't want comfort.
She wasn't hungry.
She didn't know what to do with herself.
I had to decide for her.
She needed to sleep.

So I did it. I let her C.I.O. her loud, angry, "gremlin", "I hope the neighbors don't hear her and think we are hurting her"cry.

And then she finally crashed.
I looked at the clock and she had only cried for barely 10 minutes. It felt like an eternity.
But she slept for an hour and a half.
And woke up smiling and a much happier baby ready to take on the world.

And peace and happiness was restored once again to our household.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Making rainy days brighter.

Nature tricked me.

I thought Spring was officially on the way. Sunscreen, rompers, and baby bathing suits had all been utilized. I was JUST about to pack all the winter clothes away.

And then...

it got cold again. I almost cried. Okay, not really, but I wasn't so thrilled. Not only did it get cold, but it rained, and has been rainy for the last few days and is supposed to be rainy tomorrow.

We've made the best of it, with a cozy fire, sweaters, and chili. I, however, am convinced that I was made for tropical climates so I would much rather be drinking a lemonade by the pool than drinking hot cocoa by a fire.

Today, in an effort to redeem the day from Nature's cruel trick, I made a fort for Tooters. I figured if we were gonna be stuck inside most of the day we should at least make it as fun as possible. Making forts on rainy days is becoming quite the tradition. I'm sure the forts will only get more elaborate as Adoration gets older, and as more kids come along.

The Fort. I used a pretty sari to make it, because pretty
girls need pretty forts.
Adoration crawled in and out of all day long.

In the fort, shoving a giant spoon into her mouth. That's my girl.

I squished myself inside with Adoration and we read "Where the Wild Things Are."
It seemed appropriate.

Happy Fort Day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Youer than You.

My Tooters is 9th months old! (Technically 9 months and a week.)

She is now officially crawling forward on hands and knees. She's been working on it a good two months. It's like if she was gonna crawl, she was gonna do it all the way, gosh darn it. She skipped the whole moving an arm and leg from the same side and started off "cross-crawling."

Her little personality is coming out more and more too. She is still super easy-going and loves smiling at anything with a face. We also recently discovered that she gets VERY sad if another baby starts to cry when she is looking at them. She is like her momma in this. I don't have to know you or know why you are crying but if I see you crying, I will cry too. I can't help it. We both can't help it, apparently.

With Adoration's newfound crawling/pulling up skills, people keep asking me, "So is she in to everything now?"
Well...yes and no. First of all, I think our house is baby-proofed pretty well. Most of the really enticing things like wires, cords, dvd's, etc are out of reach or out of sight. I also have all her toys in sight, or in baskets on a shelf that she can pull out herself (Montessori style.) And I try to introduce one new thing everyday into her environment. Pots and spoons, tissue paper, things from nature....you get the idea. It keeps her from getting bored.

But all of that aside, I think her not getting into everything has more to do with her personality. She is very methodical when she plays. She'll pick up one toy, examine it, try different things with it, completely absorbed. After she has exhausted all the possibilities she moves on. I love watching her play. She is like a little scientist and this quality reminds me so much of her papa.

The other day I watched in amazement as she turned over one of her toy baskets and proceeded to line toys up on top. She paused, observing her work, then took those toys down, one by one and put new toys on it, one by one. Smartypants.

Here is Tooters from a recent play date. She is borrowing her
friend Sparrow's swimsuit. Girlfriends, already sharing clothes.

notice: her yummy pudginess. Chunkalunka thighs.

Dear Adoration,

In you, I see myself. In your eyes, your nose, your soft heart.

In you, I see your daddy, your double crown, your studied ways, your inclusive friendliness.

In you, I see us, your love of water, your eye color (a mix of my brown and his hazel), your brown hair (lighter than mine, darker than his.)

Then there are the things that are uniquely you, your wrinkly-nose smile, the face you make when you are "frustrated," your impossibly long eyelashes (where did those come from?) and so many other things I have yet to discover.

You, my daughter, are a wonder.

One day you may complain about the things I love so much. Insecurities may pop up.

Beloved, there is a battle for hearts and minds, a pervasive lie in our world that tries to keep us from shining as the creation we were meant to be. This lie will try to tell you that YOU are not good enough, that you would be better if you were something else.

To believe that lie would be a tragedy indeed.

If one day, you complain about your double crown because of the cowlicks it may cause, I would be so sad.
Because, you see, I have lovingly traced the lines of your part, those two perfect spirals, countless times, everyday.
If one day you wished your eyes were another color, I would weep, because I have stared into them studying the variations of color and imprinting their kaleidoscope into my heart.
If one day you feel inferior because of a certain aspect of your personality or giftings, I will mourn, because I have taken so much joy in all of your unique, little ways.
Anything that you could possibly dislike about yourself, I will take personally, because I have ferociously loved all of who you are. I look at you and I see a perfect creation.

I pray you will not believe the lies.
I can not fight this battle for you.

But I will spend all my days preparing you with ammunition.

Words of life spoken over you. The immeasurable Love of God and the Truth of His Word.

And I pray that you would stand so confident in who God has made you to be and His love for you, that you would not compare yourself to others, but encourage those around you to shine. Because, Adoration, my joy, we were all created to shine.

I love you with a ferocious love.
a thousand kisses,

your Mama.

"Today you are You. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."
Dr. Seuss.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby/Mama Style

So I walked into babyGAP and almost died from all the cuteness. Their new spring cloths are just too much, really. so. much. cute. stuff.

I saw these pants from afar. They are not nearly as stylish in this picture as they are in real life. First of all, they are wonderfully silky. The belt ties into a bow and then you should cuff the pants. "Should", because that would be cuter. and not a precise cuff. more of a messy roll-up of the cuff. This is important. Try to envision it :

So those are the pants. I immediately wanted some, for my self.
umm.....baby clothes are basically now just tiny adult clothes. Everything
is cuter when it is tiny.

I then thought through how ridiculous it would be to spend almost $30 on a pair
of pants for my NINE MONTH OLD DAUGHTER. Pretty ridiculous. But not
so ridiculous if I could be guaranteed that I would have another baby girl who
would one day wear them too. Hmmm.

This train of thought progressed into me mentally making an outfit for the Tooters:

Aghh!!! Too much!!!!! I would have to eat her.

Okay, in this outfit, my daughter is way more stylish than me. This is usual, but now she is like leaps and bounds more stylish. Like Paris, France to backwoods Alabama more stylish. Okay, I exaggerate, but really if she had this outfit, I would want to be twinsies.

So here is my imaginary outfit with perfectly messy hair:

love those shoes.

We would be so achingly stylish. And I would have a mini-me.
Who doesn't want that?

Oh, and we would both be wearing outfits that cost
way, WAY too much money.

sigh. *daydream fizzles.*

baby cloths: GAP. baby sandals: Zuzii
Mommy cloths: Madewell. Mommy glasses: Warby Parker

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Goodness, Friday already (praise THE LORD.) James had the little patoot right now and is showing her off to the staff at one of the schools he works with. I am about to start my Insanity workout. I am procrastinating doing it because it will assuredly be the hardest 40 minutes of my day, where at some point I might start crying. And I'm not just being facetious.
Later we will be enjoying the afternoon with some lovely ladies and their kiddos at a kiddie pool playdate (It's 80 degrees here, ya'll!) I don't know what I would do without my other mama friends.

For Flashback Friday, I thought it would be fun to post some pics of me from
around Adoration's age. (I am about 7 months old in them.) Please
notice how I have so much hair that I already have a BOB at SEVEN months old.

Here I am with my older brother, Terrell. I actually
think that Adoration gets her smile from him. His nose wrinkles up
when he smiles and so does hers.

Check out the old school playskool phone in the background, which now
runs for about $20 at Target because it is considered a "classic" toy.
With my philipina mom, where all my asian-ness (and brown skin) comes from.
All I can say about this pic : 80's perm.
I wish I had these cloths for Adoration to wear.

And let's compare: A pic of Adoration at 7 months.
eee!!! I love her so much.

In a completely different vein, I've realized I haven't mentioned anything on this blog about the tragedy in Japan. It just makes me way too sad. I have no words to talk about it.
When stuff like that happens I find myself hard-core questioning the things I know to be true....the goodness of God for example. Inner processing and seeking usually has to happen before I can even begin to talk about such tragedies.

On that note, go here to donate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

short and sweet.

My baby needs these shoes.

That is all.


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Little Things

Here some of the little things that have recently brought a smile to my face. Moments of sweetness all piled up.

Anniversary card from my husband. :)

<---the front.

Weekly stock-up of Trader Joe's groceries. Trader Joe's is
my grocery store love affair.

This great find: $2 vintage overalls.

Rainy day fort. Seeing Adoration's face light up
in smiles when I put her inside it and then her proceed to
play in it the rest of the day. Who says forts
are just for boys?

new lens on rehabilitated camera + pretty books

A reminder from my daily reading on the source of true joy.

What are some of the little things that have brought you joy today?

My Heart.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Right now I am trying to type with one hand, while wrangling my almost 9th month old who is on my lap trying to hurl her entire body at the keyboard with my other arm. *hold on a sec.*

Okay, she is now happily banging on a pot with a wooden spoon and babbling at the top of her lungs.

It seems like yesterday and it seems like an eternity ago.
little squish.

She was so tiny, and snuggly, and STILL, and she slept all the time. I could wear her around all day long in her moby and it felt like I was carrying nothing save for the bundle of warmth, that newborn smell, and the sweetest sighs. little koala.

Last night I just HAD to hold my friend's baby who is just two months younger than Adoration, but that two months difference made her feel so much more BABY. For a split-second, I thought "Michelle Duggar doesn't have it so bad." Okay, well I don't want to have 19 kids but I see why people keep wanting more.

Oh the glorious, bittersweet reality of motherhood. Time goes by so much faster now.

I hear it all the time. In the doctor's office, in the grocery store, on walks around the neighborhood. A longing look, followed by a "I miss those days."

Little reminders from the older and wiser to soak it all in.

My friend Erin has an on-going joke with one of her friends. They talk about how the childhood of our kids are probably some of the best years of our life, or as they put it, "the best damn years of our life." Whenever they are in the midst of a trying moment with their kids, they will text each other the two-word phrase "best damn."
Erin was telling us how her friend had 2 sick kids and a newborn. In the middle of the night Erin received the text, "Best damn." Really, it's a reminder to ourselves.

Sometimes in the midst of kids throwing up in the middle of the night, dealing with a tantrum, or a poopy blow-out in a restaurant, we just need to remind ourselves that yes, these are the best damn years of our life." Best damn, indeed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a snapshot

This past weekend me and the hubs celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. woohoo!

Last year we went to Charleston for our anniversary/baby-moon, soaking in our last anniversary just us. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was pregnant with our little patoot. Life looks drastically different....more staying in on weekends, less sleeping in, less personal "freedom" in general...but oh, we have gained so much more. Our little patoot has given us so much joy and seeing my husband as a daddy makes me love him even deeper and harder than I did before.

This year we decided to keep it simple and have a "stay-cation." With a not-yet-weaned 8th month old and my husband in the midst of busy season with his work, it seemed like the best way to celebrate.

James took Friday off of work. He works so hard all week and is usually so exhausted on Friday nights that he is asleep by 9pm, which means going out on a Friday night is not an option. Having a rested husband for all of Friday felt like quite the luxury! We had lots and lots of family cuddle time.

Friday afternoon we went to 300 East for lunch, one of our fave Charlotte
restaurants. Its in a converted old house with lots of charm and a menu
that changes with the seasons.
The hubs and I made eyes at each other the whole meal and
Adoration made eyes at everyone in the restaurant, the little
flirt. And I had an oyster po' boy. yumm! I love the south.

Friday night we left the sleeping patoot with a baby sitter to go watch
a movie, "The King's Speech." We stopped by the grocery store
first to stock up on candy and the high school check-out boy mistook
us for a teenage couple. Let me just say that again, the high school check-out boy
thought that we were a teenage couple. Not gonna lie,that made my
getting close to 30 years old self, pretty happy.

Saturday night we went on ANOTHER date-night out to go see a
Cirque-du-soleil show. It was A-MAZING. I just love Cirque. I'm
a little obsessed actually. I want to see all of them.

If you've never seen a Cirque show, they are really weird, kinda of trippy, full
of ridiculous acrobatics, fabulous costumes, and are all-around spectacular.

Here we are after the show, in front of the tent.

Well that was a snap-shot of our "stay-cation." It was a wonderfully, perfect way to celebrate each other, our anniversary, and our new little family. Countdown to anniversary #5!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Try, try again.

My Adoration has been a busy little thing, scooting all around but she is also trying oh, so hard to crawl. I got my camera out the other day to try to document her process.

This happens countless times a day.

Ready for action, with a look of contemplation on her face.
Stick that booty up in the air!
And success!!! Well, almost. Lot's of rocking commences but
actually moving forward is proving to be somewhat elusive.
Time to refuel.
Another approach.
New approach did not produce anticipated results.
Frustration ensues.
"Help me Mama!"
"Sorry baby, you are gonna have to figure this one out on your own."
"Must self-soothe!"
That's better.
Vigorous thumb sucking for about a minute.
Spirits restored and ready to try again!

If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Love you, baby! I am so proud of your determination.
your Mama

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