Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby/Mama Style

So I walked into babyGAP and almost died from all the cuteness. Their new spring cloths are just too much, really. so. much. cute. stuff.

I saw these pants from afar. They are not nearly as stylish in this picture as they are in real life. First of all, they are wonderfully silky. The belt ties into a bow and then you should cuff the pants. "Should", because that would be cuter. and not a precise cuff. more of a messy roll-up of the cuff. This is important. Try to envision it :

So those are the pants. I immediately wanted some, for my self. clothes are basically now just tiny adult clothes. Everything
is cuter when it is tiny.

I then thought through how ridiculous it would be to spend almost $30 on a pair
of pants for my NINE MONTH OLD DAUGHTER. Pretty ridiculous. But not
so ridiculous if I could be guaranteed that I would have another baby girl who
would one day wear them too. Hmmm.

This train of thought progressed into me mentally making an outfit for the Tooters:

Aghh!!! Too much!!!!! I would have to eat her.

Okay, in this outfit, my daughter is way more stylish than me. This is usual, but now she is like leaps and bounds more stylish. Like Paris, France to backwoods Alabama more stylish. Okay, I exaggerate, but really if she had this outfit, I would want to be twinsies.

So here is my imaginary outfit with perfectly messy hair:

love those shoes.

We would be so achingly stylish. And I would have a mini-me.
Who doesn't want that?

Oh, and we would both be wearing outfits that cost
way, WAY too much money.

sigh. *daydream fizzles.*

baby cloths: GAP. baby sandals: Zuzii
Mommy cloths: Madewell. Mommy glasses: Warby Parker


  1. oh dear. yes. i was thinking about going to babyGAP today. i was just looking online and I want everything! You and little missy would be the most adorable twinsies EVER! love these outfits

  2. Now, just imagine if you had TWO daughters. You would want TWO mini-me's. This is the problem I face. :) I love all of it, but am especially eyeing that shirt for me....

  3. I love those shoes!!
    Also I want that baby outfit too!


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