Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eight Months

Adoration is napping right now and there about are a bunch of things I could/should be doing like unloading the dishwasher, washing cloths, vacuuming, etc. etc. Instead, I am blogging. I've been a little slack lately. Adoration's eighth month birthday came and went with no post or letter. Gasp! So instead of doing all the chores I should be doing, I'm taking advantage of actually having the computer today(me and my husband share and he needs it most days) and writing her eighth month post.

Oh she, is EIGHT MONTHS old. Each month just flies by leaving my heart whining, "For goodness sake, SLOW down already!"

At Eight months my Tooters is:

* loving people, especially other babies and children. She smiles and wrinkle's her nose and is cute as I'll get out every time she sees somebody. She is a flirt and pretty much makes the whole world fall in love with her. Her name IS Adoration after all.

* She's been "talking" for a long while now but she also likes to SING. Whenever I sing her "You are My Sunshine," she always tries to join in. Can't. handle. it.

* has a tooth. Just one. on the bottom front. But she is convinced she has a mouthful of teeth and likes to try to eat bite size pieces of Mommy's Food. She is interested in whatever I am eating. I gave her a tiny piece of toast from my breakfast this morning because she was trying to crawl up onto my plate. She then proceeded to chew it with her one tooth for the next ten minutes. It takes a long time to chew something up when you only have one tooth. Bless her little heart.

* She is starting to try to pull up on things and is trying so HARD to crawl. Scooting is just not good enough for her. She is determined to go the hands and knees route. I cheer her on.

* When I ask her, she can point to my nose, point to my mouth, clap, and wave. And she is just starting to do the baby sign for "more." Just, as in, she's done it twice. I'm pretty much convinced that she is a genius, though.

*She goes to sleep at 7 every night, usually wakes up at 7-7:30, and takes two naps a day. Her first nap is an hour long and her second nap is usually 2-2 1/2 hours long. She goes to sleep sooo well. At night when I carry her into her room to put her down, she just lays her head on my shoulder and starts sucking her thumb. She knows it is bedtime.
Praise. the. Lord.

* She loves the water. Bath-time. The Pool. Loves it. A girl after my own heart.

* She is getting chunky. She is a petite thing but is getting some nice rolls on her. Her thighs. Her cheeks. I can't get enough.

happy girl.

Dear Adoration,

What can I tell you that I haven't already told you before, that I will continue to tell you all the days of my life? That I love you more than words do justice, that I am proud of you, that you are My Adventure, that you are Altogether Beautiful.

Me and your Daddy are so happy that you are our daughter. Because of you, we love each other even deeper and harder than we did before. I want you to know that I love your Daddy and your Daddy loves me and we love you. And God, He loves all of us more than we know how to love each other.

a thousand kisses,

Your Mama


  1. Love it. So nice to see the things I'm also feeling reflected back from other friends and mommies. Funny how I love your little Adoration too, because of how I love my little Adria! Blessings and happiness for you and your little family, Kristina! :)

  2. she is so beautiful! and those cheeks, so cute!! :) Adoration will love reading this sweet letters from you when she is older, what treasures :)

    much love,

  3. she.is.so.cute.
    and i love your blog!



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