Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

Right now I am trying to type with one hand, while wrangling my almost 9th month old who is on my lap trying to hurl her entire body at the keyboard with my other arm. *hold on a sec.*

Okay, she is now happily banging on a pot with a wooden spoon and babbling at the top of her lungs.

It seems like yesterday and it seems like an eternity ago.
little squish.

She was so tiny, and snuggly, and STILL, and she slept all the time. I could wear her around all day long in her moby and it felt like I was carrying nothing save for the bundle of warmth, that newborn smell, and the sweetest sighs. little koala.

Last night I just HAD to hold my friend's baby who is just two months younger than Adoration, but that two months difference made her feel so much more BABY. For a split-second, I thought "Michelle Duggar doesn't have it so bad." Okay, well I don't want to have 19 kids but I see why people keep wanting more.

Oh the glorious, bittersweet reality of motherhood. Time goes by so much faster now.

I hear it all the time. In the doctor's office, in the grocery store, on walks around the neighborhood. A longing look, followed by a "I miss those days."

Little reminders from the older and wiser to soak it all in.

My friend Erin has an on-going joke with one of her friends. They talk about how the childhood of our kids are probably some of the best years of our life, or as they put it, "the best damn years of our life." Whenever they are in the midst of a trying moment with their kids, they will text each other the two-word phrase "best damn."
Erin was telling us how her friend had 2 sick kids and a newborn. In the middle of the night Erin received the text, "Best damn." Really, it's a reminder to ourselves.

Sometimes in the midst of kids throwing up in the middle of the night, dealing with a tantrum, or a poopy blow-out in a restaurant, we just need to remind ourselves that yes, these are the best damn years of our life." Best damn, indeed.


  1. aaaawwwwwww.....i LOOOOOVE this! she has grown so so so much. little sweet pea. such a great post lady. i am really thinking that best damn thing might stick and attach itself to my world. ;)

  2. I'm having a "best damn" week! Thanks for this love. Such a beautiful post. I can't believe how much she has changed in 9 months. Sweet little Adoration.

  3. I'm starting to wean Lorien today. And I think I'm hitting PMS at the same time. So you had better believe I'm readily aware that this is the best damn time of my life! So hard to move on, and yet, so many wonderful new things are coming. Why can't they be big girls and babies all at the same time?! Thanks for the post. I needed this today. :) Christie Davis

  4. i couldn't have said it better. our babies are morphing into little people right before our eyes. good thing we all take a gajillion pictures, right?

  5. this post is so very true. and i really needed this reminder. my almost three-month old is teething VERY early, and it's taking it's toll on all of us. my poor almost five-year old has been such a trooper. and i want more, too. i know exactly what you mean: "best damn".

  6. she's such a cutie!! yeah remembering when they would sleep ALL day sure is something we are gonna miss FOREVER!!
    but then again, if I might steel this just this once the "best damn" years of our lives are still ahead of us with our bundles of joys!!

  7. Yup, yup.. and I pray I get to do it all over again. :)


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