Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

Goodness, Friday already (praise THE LORD.) James had the little patoot right now and is showing her off to the staff at one of the schools he works with. I am about to start my Insanity workout. I am procrastinating doing it because it will assuredly be the hardest 40 minutes of my day, where at some point I might start crying. And I'm not just being facetious.
Later we will be enjoying the afternoon with some lovely ladies and their kiddos at a kiddie pool playdate (It's 80 degrees here, ya'll!) I don't know what I would do without my other mama friends.

For Flashback Friday, I thought it would be fun to post some pics of me from
around Adoration's age. (I am about 7 months old in them.) Please
notice how I have so much hair that I already have a BOB at SEVEN months old.

Here I am with my older brother, Terrell. I actually
think that Adoration gets her smile from him. His nose wrinkles up
when he smiles and so does hers.

Check out the old school playskool phone in the background, which now
runs for about $20 at Target because it is considered a "classic" toy.
With my philipina mom, where all my asian-ness (and brown skin) comes from.
All I can say about this pic : 80's perm.
I wish I had these cloths for Adoration to wear.

And let's compare: A pic of Adoration at 7 months.
eee!!! I love her so much.

In a completely different vein, I've realized I haven't mentioned anything on this blog about the tragedy in Japan. It just makes me way too sad. I have no words to talk about it.
When stuff like that happens I find myself hard-core questioning the things I know to be true....the goodness of God for example. Inner processing and seeking usually has to happen before I can even begin to talk about such tragedies.

On that note, go here to donate.


  1. OK, your mom's hair is PERMTABULOUS. And in that same picture, I think YOU look exactly like Adoration. And we should definitely do a beach trip...or at least have CORN DOG/CABIN OF LOVE EXTRAVAGANZA 2011. Yes, all-caps completely necessary.

  2. I also think it's stunning how much she resembles you! Beautiful mama, lucky girl! And I've also been truly touched by the happenings in Japan... I read that one hospital is short on baby food and milk--and that absolutely broke my heart (started lactating!), so that's my contribution--I'm foing to get some formula together and donate to a Red Cross that can get it there--along w/ a pic of my own patoot so they know who's out there loving on them. It's like mamas are all sisters somehow.

  3. oh my, oh, the babies! Elizabeth, let me know if you find a specific Red Cross that can get the formula there(my emails is That's a great way to donate.
    And your is like mamas are all sisters somehow!

  4. Oh my goodness, Addie looks just like you in your baby pictures!! So adorable! And your 7 months baby hair, Kristina...very impressive! :)


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