Monday, March 28, 2011

Making rainy days brighter.

Nature tricked me.

I thought Spring was officially on the way. Sunscreen, rompers, and baby bathing suits had all been utilized. I was JUST about to pack all the winter clothes away.

And then...

it got cold again. I almost cried. Okay, not really, but I wasn't so thrilled. Not only did it get cold, but it rained, and has been rainy for the last few days and is supposed to be rainy tomorrow.

We've made the best of it, with a cozy fire, sweaters, and chili. I, however, am convinced that I was made for tropical climates so I would much rather be drinking a lemonade by the pool than drinking hot cocoa by a fire.

Today, in an effort to redeem the day from Nature's cruel trick, I made a fort for Tooters. I figured if we were gonna be stuck inside most of the day we should at least make it as fun as possible. Making forts on rainy days is becoming quite the tradition. I'm sure the forts will only get more elaborate as Adoration gets older, and as more kids come along.

The Fort. I used a pretty sari to make it, because pretty
girls need pretty forts.
Adoration crawled in and out of all day long.

In the fort, shoving a giant spoon into her mouth. That's my girl.

I squished myself inside with Adoration and we read "Where the Wild Things Are."
It seemed appropriate.

Happy Fort Day!


  1. ah so much fun!! yes, i too thought spring was here to stay and then it got cold again. *sigh* good thing I got some new books and favorite tv shows and siblings to play with :] oh and school.... ;P

    much love,

  2. AAAAH! i LOOOOOOVE this post so so so much! i am in love with the pics of you reading to her in her pretty fort kristina!

  3. Forts + little one... This has to be world's greatest pleasure! Your blog is beautiful.


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