Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days.

Sleepy girl.

Adoration has always been a good sleeper. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months and I could lay her down for naps and sleep, no problem. I know. I've been blessed.
Things have gotten a little trickier in the sleep department. At about 6 months it got hard to lay her down for naps at other people's houses or in unfamiliar environments. She would get scared with the unfamiliarity, be sad and make me sad. But she would still be fine at home.

And now...at 9 months...she periodically is fighting her naps and bedtimes. I know she is soooo tired but it's like she doesn't know how to stop moving sometimes and just settle down. And now she gets MAD. M-A-D that it is sleepy-time.

This afternoon I had to let her C.I.O.

I hate the sound of the phrase.

I've been lucky enough not to really have to use C.I.O. I would just lay her down when it's time for her to sleep and she would just roll over, suck her thumb, and go to sleep. It was pretty magical. Being consistent with our schedule, reading her cues, and having the blessing of a easy-going baby has been just the right mix of us not having to use C.I.O.

but this afternoon I had to do it.

She needed to sleep.
She didn't want comfort.
She wasn't hungry.
She didn't know what to do with herself.
I had to decide for her.
She needed to sleep.

So I did it. I let her C.I.O. her loud, angry, "gremlin", "I hope the neighbors don't hear her and think we are hurting her"cry.

And then she finally crashed.
I looked at the clock and she had only cried for barely 10 minutes. It felt like an eternity.
But she slept for an hour and a half.
And woke up smiling and a much happier baby ready to take on the world.

And peace and happiness was restored once again to our household.


  1. She is so beautiful! Love those sleepy eyes!!

    Around six months it seems they do get into a sleep strike stage, where they are soooo super sleepy and they still won't sleep. It sometimes gets really really tough and that urge to have them CIO builds. BUT -- Eventually, their body regulates itself and they will be just fine. It's just a week to three months (depending on the baby) of crabbyness at different parts of the day. Our son is starting to come out of it now that he is getting older (he is 8 months) -- but during those stages I would just hold him -- even if he was super crabby and still would not go to sleep. It was a lot of pick him up, put him down -- over and over. At first it was draining but I knew that letting him CIO was emotionally disturbing and I didn't want to put that on his little pure heart. (: I hope that helps you to know you are far from alone -- all babies transition around this time and start requiring less sleep and have crabby times! She will learn that she needs sleep all on her own -- let her have the time to transition. Babies at this age do not realize that when you leave them alone, it means you will come back -- they think that you have left and are not coming back. It's so sad. That fact alone has strengthened me when I had the urge to let him CIO.

  2. my daughter just hit the 6 month mark today and she's right on schedule! aparently she's doing everything she's supposed to be doing at 6 months and boy o boy is she fighting her sleep schedule, and teething..makes me c.i.o for her!!

  3. I think sleep training is called that because that's just what it is--TRAINING. You're right, K, you have to make the decisions about what's best for her! CIO is a legitimate sleep training method that ALSO produces healthy, happy, well adjusted children. I say good for you for doing what you knew was best... even though it was hard! And like you said, she woke up happy and better off--and probably didn't even remember she had been crying! You made the right decision! (Doesn't make it easier in the midst of it, I know.) I'm hopeful y'all will both have a smooth time of it, but when it's necessary to let her cry herself to sleep, you can cry along, but remember that you're acting to do what is best for her! (Do we really think guiding their lives will get easier as they grow?!) :)

  4. I did this with both of my munchkins, and they adjusted but it was for their well being and it made there days better. go you momma.

    she is beautiful <3

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    I usually try to stay away from controversial topics on this blog...but I try to be real too!
    I am in no way advocating for or against CIO. I know as momma's we all got to do what we feel is in the best interest for our children. No one knows your baby, can read their cues, or can decide what's best for them like you can! So whether my momma friends use one method or another, I know that they love their kiddos more than life itself and I respect the way they choose to bring up their children and act on their behalf.
    So to the other momma's out there. You are doing a great job!:)

  6. I just have to say that your little girl is absolutely gorgeous!! And her name is just perfect!
    I think it's great that you can be real without advocating one side of a debate or the other. The important thing is that she got what she needed, right?

  7. My mother had to do that with my little sister when she was a baby. She was a stubburn little thing and wanted to know what was going on in the house all day and night. But after awhile, she got use to the feeling of "bed time" and started to look forward to it.

    and that little face is super cuuuute!


  8. aw shes so cute! i cannot even imagine how motherhood must feel and how frustrating it must be when your baby is crying!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. she is adorable!!!
    maybe she is teething?...or just growing out of one of her naps?
    could be just a phase...be patient,she will be okay.

  10. my little dude is 6 months and we also too have not had to let him CIO. We just walk or nurse and he's out! lucky too. lately he started teething and his schedule has been like WTF>>>!!!! I have no idea what's going on with his timetables anymore and am hoping not to have to get to CIO but it is not off the table either. EEK!!!
    To hear that it took 10 mins. is a huge hope for me tho :-)

  11. wow. that picture is too sweet. i could just eat her up!


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