Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a snapshot

This past weekend me and the hubs celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. woohoo!

Last year we went to Charleston for our anniversary/baby-moon, soaking in our last anniversary just us. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was pregnant with our little patoot. Life looks drastically different....more staying in on weekends, less sleeping in, less personal "freedom" in general...but oh, we have gained so much more. Our little patoot has given us so much joy and seeing my husband as a daddy makes me love him even deeper and harder than I did before.

This year we decided to keep it simple and have a "stay-cation." With a not-yet-weaned 8th month old and my husband in the midst of busy season with his work, it seemed like the best way to celebrate.

James took Friday off of work. He works so hard all week and is usually so exhausted on Friday nights that he is asleep by 9pm, which means going out on a Friday night is not an option. Having a rested husband for all of Friday felt like quite the luxury! We had lots and lots of family cuddle time.

Friday afternoon we went to 300 East for lunch, one of our fave Charlotte
restaurants. Its in a converted old house with lots of charm and a menu
that changes with the seasons.
The hubs and I made eyes at each other the whole meal and
Adoration made eyes at everyone in the restaurant, the little
flirt. And I had an oyster po' boy. yumm! I love the south.

Friday night we left the sleeping patoot with a baby sitter to go watch
a movie, "The King's Speech." We stopped by the grocery store
first to stock up on candy and the high school check-out boy mistook
us for a teenage couple. Let me just say that again, the high school check-out boy
thought that we were a teenage couple. Not gonna lie,that made my
getting close to 30 years old self, pretty happy.

Saturday night we went on ANOTHER date-night out to go see a
Cirque-du-soleil show. It was A-MAZING. I just love Cirque. I'm
a little obsessed actually. I want to see all of them.

If you've never seen a Cirque show, they are really weird, kinda of trippy, full
of ridiculous acrobatics, fabulous costumes, and are all-around spectacular.

Here we are after the show, in front of the tent.

Well that was a snap-shot of our "stay-cation." It was a wonderfully, perfect way to celebrate each other, our anniversary, and our new little family. Countdown to anniversary #5!


  1. Looks like you had a great time,very nice pictures, thanks for sharing


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