Friday, March 25, 2011

Youer than You.

My Tooters is 9th months old! (Technically 9 months and a week.)

She is now officially crawling forward on hands and knees. She's been working on it a good two months. It's like if she was gonna crawl, she was gonna do it all the way, gosh darn it. She skipped the whole moving an arm and leg from the same side and started off "cross-crawling."

Her little personality is coming out more and more too. She is still super easy-going and loves smiling at anything with a face. We also recently discovered that she gets VERY sad if another baby starts to cry when she is looking at them. She is like her momma in this. I don't have to know you or know why you are crying but if I see you crying, I will cry too. I can't help it. We both can't help it, apparently.

With Adoration's newfound crawling/pulling up skills, people keep asking me, "So is she in to everything now?"
Well...yes and no. First of all, I think our house is baby-proofed pretty well. Most of the really enticing things like wires, cords, dvd's, etc are out of reach or out of sight. I also have all her toys in sight, or in baskets on a shelf that she can pull out herself (Montessori style.) And I try to introduce one new thing everyday into her environment. Pots and spoons, tissue paper, things from get the idea. It keeps her from getting bored.

But all of that aside, I think her not getting into everything has more to do with her personality. She is very methodical when she plays. She'll pick up one toy, examine it, try different things with it, completely absorbed. After she has exhausted all the possibilities she moves on. I love watching her play. She is like a little scientist and this quality reminds me so much of her papa.

The other day I watched in amazement as she turned over one of her toy baskets and proceeded to line toys up on top. She paused, observing her work, then took those toys down, one by one and put new toys on it, one by one. Smartypants.

Here is Tooters from a recent play date. She is borrowing her
friend Sparrow's swimsuit. Girlfriends, already sharing clothes.

notice: her yummy pudginess. Chunkalunka thighs.

Dear Adoration,

In you, I see myself. In your eyes, your nose, your soft heart.

In you, I see your daddy, your double crown, your studied ways, your inclusive friendliness.

In you, I see us, your love of water, your eye color (a mix of my brown and his hazel), your brown hair (lighter than mine, darker than his.)

Then there are the things that are uniquely you, your wrinkly-nose smile, the face you make when you are "frustrated," your impossibly long eyelashes (where did those come from?) and so many other things I have yet to discover.

You, my daughter, are a wonder.

One day you may complain about the things I love so much. Insecurities may pop up.

Beloved, there is a battle for hearts and minds, a pervasive lie in our world that tries to keep us from shining as the creation we were meant to be. This lie will try to tell you that YOU are not good enough, that you would be better if you were something else.

To believe that lie would be a tragedy indeed.

If one day, you complain about your double crown because of the cowlicks it may cause, I would be so sad.
Because, you see, I have lovingly traced the lines of your part, those two perfect spirals, countless times, everyday.
If one day you wished your eyes were another color, I would weep, because I have stared into them studying the variations of color and imprinting their kaleidoscope into my heart.
If one day you feel inferior because of a certain aspect of your personality or giftings, I will mourn, because I have taken so much joy in all of your unique, little ways.
Anything that you could possibly dislike about yourself, I will take personally, because I have ferociously loved all of who you are. I look at you and I see a perfect creation.

I pray you will not believe the lies.
I can not fight this battle for you.

But I will spend all my days preparing you with ammunition.

Words of life spoken over you. The immeasurable Love of God and the Truth of His Word.

And I pray that you would stand so confident in who God has made you to be and His love for you, that you would not compare yourself to others, but encourage those around you to shine. Because, Adoration, my joy, we were all created to shine.

I love you with a ferocious love.
a thousand kisses,

your Mama.

"Today you are You. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You."
Dr. Seuss.


  1. Wow!! Words straight from the heart of God!! Thanks for posting this.

  2. that is so awesome! i needed to be reminded of those words for myself tonight. thanks!! it was great to re-connect with you at the shower. :) lora

  3. What a lovely letter to your sweet girl. It's an honor knowing you and her!

  4. so well said! thanks for having such an amazingly sweet, wonderful and smart little princess!

  5. I found this post on your About page today. It is beautiful!


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