Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving on a Jet plane.

Flying used to be so glamorous. I wonder if having great legs
was a prerequisite to being a stewardess in those days?

The hubs, Adoration, and I are flying to FL on Sunday. We will be scoping out a possible move. Eeek! I have to admit, I had lots of stereotypes about Floridians (I graduated from University of Georgia; stereotyping Fl is part of our blood.) However, the happy reality of laid back living by the beach has put to rest much of my Florida wariness.

But back to the flying.

This will be our first time
traveling via airplane with a wiggly baby.

Any tips for flying with a baby? I'd love some suggestions from you seasoned traveler's out there!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Yep, it's that time room fashion show! I wasn't even planning on doing a "what I wore" this week but I had on real cloths and the patoot was napping so why not?

I apologize for the back-lit glare. I should try to find a better location for this but taking pictures of myself is awkward enough in my own living room! Or maybe I should make my poor husband do the honors.


drapey cardigan thing: f21
dress: f21
wedges: thrifted
belt: thrifted
locket: gifted

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny Kisses

I never knew I would be this excited about giving an Easter basket away.

I mean...I was not just excited, I was giddy about it.
My husband thought it was pretty cute.

But not as cute as Adoration's face when she saw the basket.
Thus the reason for my excited anticipation.

I kept Adoration's basket pretty simple cause I don't want a bunch of clutter around our house or toys that won't get used. Or anything cheesy. So I just reused a toy basket to temporarily serve as an easter basket. The only things I actually purchased were a wooden drum and a tambourine. I sewed a little bunny and threw in some wooden blocks that haven't been in rotation for awhile (We rotate toys to keep it fresh and minimize clutter. It's like they are brand new toys every time you bring them out.)

The Goods.
The handmade bunny. It was a quick project, took me
about 30 min. I used one of the patoot's old flannel receiving
blankets and some scrap fabric.

The Patoot.
She sees the prize.

My efforts are rewarded with her scrunch-nose excited face.

Be still my heart.

"For me!?"

Checkin' it out.

Playing her drum.

And then I melted and my heart officially stopped:

She started giving the bunny kisses.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

Once upon a time, my husband-to-be lived in a dirty house full of boys. College boys will be college boys. They were a fun bunch of fellas though and hosted a party called the "Thrift Store Formal."

Here are me and the hubs. And yes, I am wearing a nightgown.

That's my hubs. This picture describes him well. :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 months

My baby turned 10 months old this past Saturday. One of these days I will do her month-day post actually ON the day. That will be a magical day indeed.

Some new things:

Adoration is officially hilarious. Hilarious, I tell you!

She likes adult people food and is no longer interested in "baby" food. It makes life easier. We made all her baby food and now she eats whatever we eat (for the most part.) It trips me out how she will just gobble up whatever I put on her tray. She just trusts it will be good.

She loves to give kisses.

She love puppies. (who doesn't?)

She will now crawl up to strangers like they are her best friend. (oh no, stranger-danger!) The other day she was pulling up on some unsuspecting 10 year old boy's legs at the chiropractor's office.

She is always trying to stand up mid-crawl. She balances on her knees and puts one leg up like a pirate. It's pretty entertaining.

This is my favorite stage thus far. But I also say that about every new stage. But really, it's my favorite! She is just so much fun.

Dear Adoration,

You are the sunshine of this family and your sweetness fills up our sky.

I thank God for you with every breath.

Sweet girl, I love you.

a thousand kisses,

Your Mama.

{oh, and I hate to be annoying but there are 7 more days of voting to see who lands in the top 25 circle of moms, moms with style. I'm just three spots away from being in the top 25! would you mind voting? Just click the button below, find "Altogether Beautiful" in the lineup and click the thumbs up! xoxo Kristina}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Man, being nominated as a Mom with Style (which by the way, how do these things work? how did I even get nominated?who decides these things? anyways, thanks for voting everyone!) has really inspired me to continue my "try to wear real clothes everyday" project. Real clothes. Not ratty yoga pants. Which I never, never do. Ever. ;)

So here is what I wore, in another episode of web cam -living room -fashion show.

leotard style top: Old Navy
high waist shorts: F21
espadrilles: from a clothing swap
(clothing swaps are pretty much the best things ever. Get together
with a bunch of friends and bring all the clothes you want to get rid of, nab new
clothes from your friend's cast aways! Everybody wins!)
sunglasses: Urban

Easy, breezy, and uncomplicated. I'm ready to hit up the grocery store.

I'm not cool.

A note on beauty: In doing fashion posts I feel the need to say that true beauty is not about your outward appearance or what you wear. True beauty is about your heart and your soul, your love, creativity, and expression. It's about who YOU are.

So lovelies, know that who you are is beautiful. Your clothes don't make you beautiful, YOU do!

That being said, go to town expressing yourself through what you wear! It's fun and the confidence boost doesn't hurt either. ;)

Some outtakes with MY lil' beauty.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Baby

These weekend, while visiting our families, we spent a spontaneous day at the lake ( I hadn't even packed a swimsuit for the Patoot!) Both me and my husband have always been water-lovin' people and some of my favorite childhood memories involve the beach, ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools.

Adoration seems like she would be following in our footsteps, but I confess I had a teeny fear that she would be finicky about the water or sand. I wanted her to enjoy these things as much as me and her papa do, for us to be able to share these experiences as a family.

I needn't of feared.

First we introduced Adoration to the beach. She loved the sand, picking it up and watching it fall through her fingers and contentedly digging her feet into the sand.

Then she got a glimpse of the water.

We brought her down close to the shore to see what she would do.

I set her down and about two seconds later, before I could grab my camera, before I could
prepare myself to even chase after her, she speed-crawled right into the water.
And it was FREEZING!
No matter, she kept crawling, babbling and giggling as she went, right up to her neck.
Finally, my husband James, had to pick her up and reign her in so she wouldn't
swim away!

I managed to grab my camera and snap some pics of the second round.
We had to limit her water play because the water was sooo chilly.


Crawling deeper.
My chest swelled watching my daughter's happiness and joy. Her childlike awe just undid me. As I watched her giggle and explore I had this thought,

" Her happiness is MY happiness."

It's true. One of the main focuses of my life entails bringing my daughter joy. I'm always thinking of what new adventures or experiences I can introduce to Adoration that will put a smile on her face. This is my joy.
With these thoughts, I had this moment of clarity about God's heart as a father towards me. My joy is His joy. From the little things to the big things, my Father celebrates the joy of His children. If I, in all my selfishness, messiness, and brokenness can feel this for my children, how much more does the Father who is perfect in love, feel this for His children?

I just love my lil' beach baby. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WARNING: Spontaneous lactation possible!

Hey lovelies!

James and I are visiting are parents this weekend in Georgia to let Adoration have some "grandparent" time. She is eating up all the attention. There is just no such thing as too much lovin'.

I must share:

My fellow Charlotte blogger friend, Rachael from "Letters to Ames" just posted the birth story of her twin girls which you must check out if you haven't already. Rachael keeps posting pictures of the twins on facebook and it really is just killin' me. I swear, I probably start lactating every time I look at a picture of them. Is that too much information? Probably.

But for realz, I'm gonna have to have another baby sometime.

It's just too much isn't it?
Little snuggle bugs.

Congrats Rachael! The sisters are soooo beautiful!

Friday, April 15, 2011

who knew I was stylish?

Hey lovelies!

I was nominated for the circle of moms top 25 stylish mom bloggers. awww....*blush* :)

Click here to vote! or on the pink button on the sidebar.

Just find "Altogether Beautiful" in the lineup and click the thumbs up to vote. You can vote once daily.
I won't be annoying and repeatedly ask for votes....if you want to vote, you know where to go! ;)

Thanks ya'll!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the 100 Follower Giveaway is......

Martha Howell

Congrats and thank you for following the Beautiful!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

True to my word, I am posting more pics of my outfits...cause
1) I love to see fashion posts from everyday people on other blogs, especially other mama's. I am inspired by how people express themselves so differently.....and creative expression is necessary for my soul!
2) having a baby is no longer an excuse to wear yoga pants all day long. It's time to wear real cloths....especially since I can fit into my cloths again. woohoo!

So here goes. I finally figured out how to use the webcam. Took me long enough! Ignore my ugly un-curtained windows. I'm still searching for the perfect fabric.

head scarf: thrifted

shirt: Anthro (on super sale.)
I love anything nautical looking.
belt: thrifted
shorts: Diesel jeans scored at a Swap. I made them into cut-offs.
You can't really tell from the pic but they are striped.

Adoration says, "Hi everybody!"

Oh, and today is the last day to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ask Eve

This past Sat. I was part of photo shoot with some of the hottest gals I know (aka. my friends) for a website we will be launching soon. The site will be a marriage and all things pertaining to marriage, website.
It's gonna be awesome and you will def. want to check it out!

Here is a sneak peek of me from the shoot, I went "ethnic" ha!:
Love this dress, it's from Urban.
I got this handmade necklace in Mozambique.

My beautiful friend Anna, and fellow website contributor was our photographer.
She has a kick-booty design/inspiration blog, The Colorful Living Project.
It's one of my faves and it will be one of your's too, if it isn't already.

One of our features on the website will be called Ask Eve. This is a column much like a 'Dear Abby' where anyone can write in and ask anything they want to 'Eve'. Eve represents the everyday wife - we chose this name because Eve was the first wife! To get the site going we're busy writing articles and Eve needs your help! Click the link below to Ask Eve your questions about marriage, love, dating, weddings, pregnancy, birth, parenthood, in-laws, or just get some advice from a wife! Make sure that you sign your question with a name (even if it's not your own - so we know who to write back to). i.e. Max from Michigan or Confused in Kansas.Your responses will be posted on our site once it is ready to be launched. So stay tuned! Thanks! Click here to Ask Eve.

Also....don't forget to enter the current giveaway!

Friday, April 8, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway!

So the other day I glanced over at my Followers and noticed I had reached the big 100. "Wow!" I thought, "When did that happen?!" Then my next thought was, "I need to do something! I need to give something away!"

I wanted to give away something from me personally, as a gift to one of my lovely readers. I'm quite fond of romantic-looking, vintage-y jewelery so I always keep my eyes peeled for little gems whenever I go thrifting. I found these little pretties and thought they would make a perfect gift for one of my readers. Something I love that hopefully one of you will too! So if you would like these pretty, little earrings just leave a comment and your e-mail address. I'll announce the winner on Thursday.

Thank you for following the Beautiful!

<3 Kristina

Baby/Mama Style

Hello friends! TGIF, right? I know it is for me! Speaking of TGIF, remember TGIF tv? Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step. such goodness.
Well, I've decided I'm gonna try to put more pictures of myself on here. I'm super camera shy so it usually just feels awkward and IS awkward, but oh well. I love looking at other people's blogs and what they wore so I figured I would try to include pics of my everyday get-ups. I enjoy fashion like any other girl but I feel like I've been struggling with my own personal style lately. Having a baby will do that to you.
The other day I surveyed the contents of my smallish sized wardrobe trying to put a label on my own personal style. From looking at my closet I decided that I either like to look like a Sailor or a Indian. Oh geez. So basically lots of stripes, wide leg jeans, classic shapes OR lots of ethnic patterns, colors,skinny jeans, flair. Opposite sides of the spectrum. I'll call it "comfy classic eclectic."

As a momma (and really, just as me) I don't like my cloths to be fussy. So I'm usually more on the simple side. And then there are some things I LOVE that just don't work for my lifestyle. IE. all those adorable platform shoes out there. For realz, where am I gonna wear shoes like that? To the park? To the grocery store. Probs not. Still kinda want some.

So here is a pic from my outfit today. the's really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I had troubles. It's blurry and far away and I am posing very strangely and you can't see my shoes.
Trying to get a picture of my outfit = FAIL.
I almost didn't even include it but I went to all that trouble trying to get the camera to focus and everything.

Okay, so there is my outfit. I didn't plan on doing this post, so I didn't dress fancy for it or anything. It's super typical of my everyday.
And yes, yes I AM wearing a crop top.
crop top= Dillard's
stripe shirt= umm...old. there are holes in it. but it has stripes which
makes me keep it.
skinny jeans = F21
sandals you can't see but are really cute= UO

Okay and now this is who you really want to see:
Trying to get an in-focus picture of my little blur= Slightly more
successful than taking a picture of my outfit.
She is always sticking that pointer finger out. It gets me
every time.

This busy little bee is wearing:
giraffe tank top= babyGap
skinny jeans= Children's Place
headband= borrowed from her Mama.

Adoration usually schools me in the style department. I am totally cool with that.

What are your everyday staples?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Birthday Schemin'

So I just noticed that I have reached 100 followers! woohoo! I feel like I need to do something special for ya'll in honor of reaching the big 100. Hmm...perhaps a giveaway? Stay tuned.

Things have been a little slow here on the blog, I came down with the sickies over the weekend and have felt like I've been playing catch-up all week. Plus, my hubs has been hoarding the computer....for work of course. ;)

This little tootie will be ONE soon.

I have been dreamin' and schemin' for Adoration first birthday. I CAN NOT believe that in a mere two months my baby will be one years old. I decided for her first birthday that we are gonna go big or go home. I've been dreamin' up lots of cute details.
Let's face it, first birthday's are a little more for the parents than the baby but I want Adoration and all the other kiddos to enjoy it too. Two of Adoration's favorite things are swimming and forts, so we are going to set up kiddie pools and forts in the backyard of a friends house (who are graciously allowing us to have the party at their home!) I want it to be really magical and fun feeling but also laid-back as well.

Here are some sneak peeks of what I've been scheming:

I'm calling it her "Flowers and Forts" party...or her "Tiger Lily" party. hehe.

My beautiful treasure of a friend Jess, offered up
these amazing fabric garlands to help make the forts.
She used them as decorations in her wedding reception. Aren't
they A-MAZING? Can't you just imagine them draped all pretty like through the trees?
After seeing them, I want to try my hand
at making some for Adoration's room.
Today, I was also scheming how to make the kiddie pools more magical
feeling and I thought it would be fun to make big foam lily pads to float in the pools. Doesn't
that sound just so cute?

I love, love, love this flower head dress from Lori Marie.
I'm pretty crafty though, so I think I'm just gonna try to make Adoration
something similar to wear as her birthday hat.

I also want to make felt flower clips as favors for the little girls. For
the little boys I want to make felt feather head dresses, kinda like these from
Lori Marie as well. Except I would make them much more boyish, so think
blues, greens, browns, and no glitter. ;)

And of course,
there will be cupcakes!

Oh boy, I better get to work ! Lil Patoot's birthday will
sneak up on me in no time!

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