Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby/Mama Style

Hello friends! TGIF, right? I know it is for me! Speaking of TGIF, remember TGIF tv? Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step. such goodness.
Well, I've decided I'm gonna try to put more pictures of myself on here. I'm super camera shy so it usually just feels awkward and IS awkward, but oh well. I love looking at other people's blogs and what they wore so I figured I would try to include pics of my everyday get-ups. I enjoy fashion like any other girl but I feel like I've been struggling with my own personal style lately. Having a baby will do that to you.
The other day I surveyed the contents of my smallish sized wardrobe trying to put a label on my own personal style. From looking at my closet I decided that I either like to look like a Sailor or a Indian. Oh geez. So basically lots of stripes, wide leg jeans, classic shapes OR lots of ethnic patterns, colors,skinny jeans, flair. Opposite sides of the spectrum. I'll call it "comfy classic eclectic."

As a momma (and really, just as me) I don't like my cloths to be fussy. So I'm usually more on the simple side. And then there are some things I LOVE that just don't work for my lifestyle. IE. all those adorable platform shoes out there. For realz, where am I gonna wear shoes like that? To the park? To the grocery store. Probs not. Still kinda want some.

So here is a pic from my outfit today. the's really hard to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I had troubles. It's blurry and far away and I am posing very strangely and you can't see my shoes.
Trying to get a picture of my outfit = FAIL.
I almost didn't even include it but I went to all that trouble trying to get the camera to focus and everything.

Okay, so there is my outfit. I didn't plan on doing this post, so I didn't dress fancy for it or anything. It's super typical of my everyday.
And yes, yes I AM wearing a crop top.
crop top= Dillard's
stripe shirt= umm...old. there are holes in it. but it has stripes which
makes me keep it.
skinny jeans = F21
sandals you can't see but are really cute= UO

Okay and now this is who you really want to see:
Trying to get an in-focus picture of my little blur= Slightly more
successful than taking a picture of my outfit.
She is always sticking that pointer finger out. It gets me
every time.

This busy little bee is wearing:
giraffe tank top= babyGap
skinny jeans= Children's Place
headband= borrowed from her Mama.

Adoration usually schools me in the style department. I am totally cool with that.

What are your everyday staples?


  1. Oh, I love that giraffe tank top! I'm going to check out gap to see if it is still on sale.

    As far as my everyday staples -- I usually wear jeans and a cute top with ruffles or something that makes me feel feminine.

    - Amber

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Precious little one! And precious momma! :)

    My wardrobe staples...cardigans and high-waisted skirts. And full-skirted dresses wherever possible.


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