Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Baby

These weekend, while visiting our families, we spent a spontaneous day at the lake ( I hadn't even packed a swimsuit for the Patoot!) Both me and my husband have always been water-lovin' people and some of my favorite childhood memories involve the beach, ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools.

Adoration seems like she would be following in our footsteps, but I confess I had a teeny fear that she would be finicky about the water or sand. I wanted her to enjoy these things as much as me and her papa do, for us to be able to share these experiences as a family.

I needn't of feared.

First we introduced Adoration to the beach. She loved the sand, picking it up and watching it fall through her fingers and contentedly digging her feet into the sand.

Then she got a glimpse of the water.

We brought her down close to the shore to see what she would do.

I set her down and about two seconds later, before I could grab my camera, before I could
prepare myself to even chase after her, she speed-crawled right into the water.
And it was FREEZING!
No matter, she kept crawling, babbling and giggling as she went, right up to her neck.
Finally, my husband James, had to pick her up and reign her in so she wouldn't
swim away!

I managed to grab my camera and snap some pics of the second round.
We had to limit her water play because the water was sooo chilly.


Crawling deeper.
My chest swelled watching my daughter's happiness and joy. Her childlike awe just undid me. As I watched her giggle and explore I had this thought,

" Her happiness is MY happiness."

It's true. One of the main focuses of my life entails bringing my daughter joy. I'm always thinking of what new adventures or experiences I can introduce to Adoration that will put a smile on her face. This is my joy.
With these thoughts, I had this moment of clarity about God's heart as a father towards me. My joy is His joy. From the little things to the big things, my Father celebrates the joy of His children. If I, in all my selfishness, messiness, and brokenness can feel this for my children, how much more does the Father who is perfect in love, feel this for His children?

I just love my lil' beach baby. :)


  1. so sweet! love, love, love this post! i'm hoping micah loves the beach and water too!

  2. ok.. I am crying.... I love how you are writing these days. it truly is a love letter. Not just to your precious "patoot", but to the Lord. And we get to sweet blessings of listening in on the conversation.

  3. Oh you've just reminded me of one of my greatest anticipations for this little baby: taking him/her to the beach. Sweet little post :)

  4. Oh, Kristina your baby is so adorable, give her a hug and kiss from her great Grandpa. Wish I could see you both.
    I love you and God Bless you.
    Your Grandpa Garrett


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