Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny Kisses

I never knew I would be this excited about giving an Easter basket away.

I mean...I was not just excited, I was giddy about it.
My husband thought it was pretty cute.

But not as cute as Adoration's face when she saw the basket.
Thus the reason for my excited anticipation.

I kept Adoration's basket pretty simple cause I don't want a bunch of clutter around our house or toys that won't get used. Or anything cheesy. So I just reused a toy basket to temporarily serve as an easter basket. The only things I actually purchased were a wooden drum and a tambourine. I sewed a little bunny and threw in some wooden blocks that haven't been in rotation for awhile (We rotate toys to keep it fresh and minimize clutter. It's like they are brand new toys every time you bring them out.)

The Goods.
The handmade bunny. It was a quick project, took me
about 30 min. I used one of the patoot's old flannel receiving
blankets and some scrap fabric.

The Patoot.
She sees the prize.

My efforts are rewarded with her scrunch-nose excited face.

Be still my heart.

"For me!?"

Checkin' it out.

Playing her drum.

And then I melted and my heart officially stopped:

She started giving the bunny kisses.

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