Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Birthday Schemin'

So I just noticed that I have reached 100 followers! woohoo! I feel like I need to do something special for ya'll in honor of reaching the big 100. Hmm...perhaps a giveaway? Stay tuned.

Things have been a little slow here on the blog, I came down with the sickies over the weekend and have felt like I've been playing catch-up all week. Plus, my hubs has been hoarding the computer....for work of course. ;)

This little tootie will be ONE soon.

I have been dreamin' and schemin' for Adoration first birthday. I CAN NOT believe that in a mere two months my baby will be one years old. I decided for her first birthday that we are gonna go big or go home. I've been dreamin' up lots of cute details.
Let's face it, first birthday's are a little more for the parents than the baby but I want Adoration and all the other kiddos to enjoy it too. Two of Adoration's favorite things are swimming and forts, so we are going to set up kiddie pools and forts in the backyard of a friends house (who are graciously allowing us to have the party at their home!) I want it to be really magical and fun feeling but also laid-back as well.

Here are some sneak peeks of what I've been scheming:

I'm calling it her "Flowers and Forts" party...or her "Tiger Lily" party. hehe.

My beautiful treasure of a friend Jess, offered up
these amazing fabric garlands to help make the forts.
She used them as decorations in her wedding reception. Aren't
they A-MAZING? Can't you just imagine them draped all pretty like through the trees?
After seeing them, I want to try my hand
at making some for Adoration's room.
Today, I was also scheming how to make the kiddie pools more magical
feeling and I thought it would be fun to make big foam lily pads to float in the pools. Doesn't
that sound just so cute?

I love, love, love this flower head dress from Lori Marie.
I'm pretty crafty though, so I think I'm just gonna try to make Adoration
something similar to wear as her birthday hat.

I also want to make felt flower clips as favors for the little girls. For
the little boys I want to make felt feather head dresses, kinda like these from
Lori Marie as well. Except I would make them much more boyish, so think
blues, greens, browns, and no glitter. ;)

And of course,
there will be cupcakes!

Oh boy, I better get to work ! Lil Patoot's birthday will
sneak up on me in no time!


  1. congrats on 100 followers! guess ill be #101 :) love your blog and your little one is SOO adorable!

  2. Yay for first birthdays!! So exciting!! Love the ideas (: (: Your making me get excited for our little boys first bday in August (:

  3. Oh Kristina you have such a beautiful daughter! I can't believe she will be 1 soon!! We've got to come visit ya'll soon so the little ones can meet! Great birthday ideas...she's definitely a very loved little lady :)


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