Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving on a Jet plane.

Flying used to be so glamorous. I wonder if having great legs
was a prerequisite to being a stewardess in those days?

The hubs, Adoration, and I are flying to FL on Sunday. We will be scoping out a possible move. Eeek! I have to admit, I had lots of stereotypes about Floridians (I graduated from University of Georgia; stereotyping Fl is part of our blood.) However, the happy reality of laid back living by the beach has put to rest much of my Florida wariness.

But back to the flying.

This will be our first time
traveling via airplane with a wiggly baby.

Any tips for flying with a baby? I'd love some suggestions from you seasoned traveler's out there!


  1. i dont have much to say about the whole traveling with a baby part, but I am from FL myself! (dont worry, us floridians stereotype bulldogs' fans a well (no offense hehe))

    which part of florida are you guys thinking of moving to? were in southeast florida and i absolutely love living down here so close to the beach :)

    Southern Wifey
    The Sweet Life of a Southern Wife

  2. baby Einstein app. lots of finger foods. and we installed a baby app on our computer that is baby proof so any key they press brings that number/letter up. maybe a new toy she hasn't seen before-kael loves his books too when we flew.

  3. Anahi has flown at least 5 times that I can think of and she has done great every time....books, a new toy...the best things for Anahi were the magazines and the puke bag in the seat pocket hehe...oh and the pretzel packages, when they still gave them out (airlines have cut waaaay back, almost nothing is free anymore). And just hope she doesn't poop the minute you step on the plane because those changing tables are a nightmare! Also have her suck on something especially when you are landing (Anahi has never had problems with her ears)...good luck!

  4. I don't have any advice sorry :/ but I hope you enjoy Florida. I've lived there since I was 13 and my family really likes it.

  5. Moving? What?!?! I just teared up!!

  6. If you're moving for Booster, which I assume you are - Collin and I are spending the baseball season in Port Saint Lucie (which is just north of West Palm Beach) and would LOVE to be close to friends!

    ... although I assume you will probably move for the school year and we're only here until Septmeber, but still! We'd love to see you if you have time this weekend!


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