Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Man, being nominated as a Mom with Style (which by the way, how do these things work? how did I even get nominated?who decides these things? anyways, thanks for voting everyone!) has really inspired me to continue my "try to wear real clothes everyday" project. Real clothes. Not ratty yoga pants. Which I never, never do. Ever. ;)

So here is what I wore, in another episode of web cam -living room -fashion show.

leotard style top: Old Navy
high waist shorts: F21
espadrilles: from a clothing swap
(clothing swaps are pretty much the best things ever. Get together
with a bunch of friends and bring all the clothes you want to get rid of, nab new
clothes from your friend's cast aways! Everybody wins!)
sunglasses: Urban

Easy, breezy, and uncomplicated. I'm ready to hit up the grocery store.

I'm not cool.

A note on beauty: In doing fashion posts I feel the need to say that true beauty is not about your outward appearance or what you wear. True beauty is about your heart and your soul, your love, creativity, and expression. It's about who YOU are.

So lovelies, know that who you are is beautiful. Your clothes don't make you beautiful, YOU do!

That being said, go to town expressing yourself through what you wear! It's fun and the confidence boost doesn't hurt either. ;)

Some outtakes with MY lil' beauty.


  1. simple and comfortable! i love your fun glasses, too. =)

  2. stylish momma!



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