Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach, Babes, and Babies.

I had such an amazing time on our Girl's Beach Trip!
(Can't you tell?)

We rented a house right on the beach in Folly Beach right outside Charleston.
"We" included:
9 women
6 babies
1 child

I know...whoa! We were quite the spectacle!
The trip was just sooo much fun though and worked wonders for my heart. I've truly been blessed with some of the loveliest lady friends. I "unplugged" the whole week, so no internet, email, blogging, facebook...I even put my camera on standby most of the week. I just focused on enjoying my sweet company at the ocean. It was wonderful....even though I missed my hubs like crazy!

A sneak peek into our trip:

Lot's of baby beach time:
Adoration sampling some sea shells. yummy!

This pic of Sparrow is just too much. Hilarious.

Lot's of baby nakey time.

Lot's of sweet little moments.

and....lot's of girl time. (Adoration is wanting to join in.)

I'snt this pic hilarious?
All the babies. Yep, mine is the one with the ponytail completely losing it!
We lined all those hungry, tired babies for a picture. Then we ALL started
yelling "yay" to get them to look at the camera. Poor lil babies. We scared the bejeebers
out of them and they all started losing it! Well, except for Kael, who just looked bewildered (that's a boy, for you.)

Well, there's a little peek into our trip!


  1. that looks like such an awesome time! what a great idea :)

  2. That looks like an awesome trip!!!


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