Friday, May 6, 2011

Call me old-fashioned.

The beach has been on my mind a lot lately. First of all, it's my favorite place ever. I could never live smack in the middle of any major landmass cause that would be too far away from the ocean. Surrounded by all that land, I would just feel claustrophobic. Also....

I'm going on a girls beach trip next week.

Our family beach trip is coming up next month.

And the big kicker:

We might be the beach. or pretty darn close to it.

A possible move to the coast has had me daydreaming all sorts of daydreams. Some of these have been decorating day dreams.

I confess: I love beach cottage style. Call me old fashioned but I do. You can keep your sleek modernism.

Give me your weathered, vintage, white, white, and more white. Burlap and mason jars and milk glass, suitcases and sailboats, peeling mirrors, slipcovers, driftwood, sea glass, found feathers, stripes, and fresh flowers. Heck...I even like the occasional sea shell.

I've reigned it my beach cottage love.....because we, in a city.

But if we live on the coast there will be no holding back.

Some beach cottage love:

All photos from A Beach Cottage.


  1. Ooooh I love the stacked suitcases-turned-nightstand in the top pic. Perfection.

    We def need to have a phone date so that I can approve of any beach-moving. Obvs this new beach house will need a Matt & Erika (& Lola, if possible, haha) sized guest room.

  2. I just lovelovelove the photos! You have a great sense of stle :D

  3. well. Yeah, I meant "style" :)


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