Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Tribute.

This is my mom from when she was in her twenties. Isn't she smokin'?
and...I'm pretty sad she didn't save these clothes for me.
(note to self: save my favorite outfits for Adoration.)

My Mom is an amazing woman. She is from the Philippines. She grew up in a world apart from what I have of eight children in relative poverty. When she met my father she left her family, country, and everything familiar for the sake of love and a chance at a better life for herself and her children-to-be.
From my mother I learned a strong work ethic, loyalty, endurance, how to put my children before myself, and the sacredness of a good home cooked meal.

Some more pics:

Like mother, like daughter. There
is a resemblance, no?

photo courtesy of Anna Naphtali Photography

With my daughter, Adoration,
named after my mother, Adoracion (the spanish word for
Adoration) on my very first Mother's Day.

For all the mother's out there, who love, sacrifice, and nurture.
For the women who long to be mother's but aren't yet.
For the mother of my husband for raising an amazing man.
And to my mother:
Happy Mother's Day!

*Tomorrow I leave on a beach trip with some girlfriends! eee!!
I'm unplugging for the week and taking a blogging break. But
I'll be back next week with some fun beach pics!*


  1. what a nice tribute. your mom is VERY pretty.

  2. Your momma's name is Adoracion? I didn't know that... that's so sweet.


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