Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hawk

Every now and then The Mohawk makes a reappearance. Sometimes
the inner rock star just can't be contained.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Check it out: Destination Bridal Series

by "Jade and Matthew take pictures"

Meet my friend Anna. She is one of the most creative, talented, hard-working people I know. She excels at all things creative. She is like Martha Stewart (except way cuter and probably a lot friendlier than Martha.)
Anna is also a kick-booty wedding photographer. Her photographs are gorgeous. She is truly an artist. It think of of my favorite things about her photography is her unique gift to make a person FEEL beautiful through her photographs (and ladies, you know how important that is.) I didn't know Anna when I got married, but I wish I did. I've had portraits taken by Anna for various other things and I can honestly say that her photographs make me feel more beautiful than any other pictures taken of me.

She is currently showcasing a Destination Series on her photography blog. I was privileged to be one of her models for this series. It was lots of fun and I got to play the part of different ethnicities. Check it out here!

If you need a photographer, check out her website. She travels!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

You are invited....

{isn't this invite the cutest? It's actually an e-vite through paperless post.}

Since everyone couldn't come to the party, you all are invited to celebrate via watching a video of A's party. ;) We are so, so blessed to have this sweet little video and I will know I will cherish it always.

Samuel (hubby to my beautiful friend Jess) filmed it. His work is amazing, check it out here.

Enjoy the video! (You probably should eat a cupcake as you watch it.)

Birthday Pool Party from Samuel Gatlyn on Vimeo.

Summertime vol. 2

Our little family just got back from spending a week at the beach with my parents (James' mom joined us for a bit too.) A week full of good beachin', good swimmin', good eatin', and just plain ol' goodness. Our family always goes to Hilton Head Island, SC, a low country beach haven. I just love the low country, with all that hauntingly beautiful Spanish moss hanging from the trees. Makes me feel like drinking sweet tea and reading a Flannery O'Conner novel.

We had the sweetest time, and Adoration just ate up all the extra family attention. She truly is a beach baby and shows no fear of all those waves. The first thing she does when we set her down in the sand is crawl straight for the surf. She even knows to sit up when a wave comes. She was pretty much the cutest, tootiest little thing on the whole beach too. ooohh...I just love her!

Dear Ocean,

I will never get enough of your salty breezes, the feeling of warm sand underneath my toes, the sound of your waves crashing me to peace, and lightning storms over your deep. This visit though, my favorite thing of all, was watching my Adoration delighting in your expanse.

Thanks for always making me feel small.

your faithful admirer,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day (belated)

We are on beach vacay right now, so this is a little late in coming....but Happy Father's Day out there to all the ones that lay themselves down for their families.

My husband, James. Adoration's Daddy.
There are a thousand reasons I could list, why my husband James is such an amazing daddy. I will keep it simple though and just say, there is no one else I could even imagine being the father of my children.
James knows our God best as a Father. The way he knows God is what he reflects to the world about God....that God is joyful, fun, adventurous, kind, fights on our behalf, forgiving, generous, just, interested in individuals, and a lover of all people.
That is my husband. The father of my Adoration, revealing to her the father heart of God.

I love you James. You were made to be a Father.

and to my own amazing Daddy. Thank you for always loving us without condition. You set the standard for me with your patience, kindness, and selflessness. Because of your example as a husband and a father, I knew I could never settle for a man who was anything less. I love you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So the other day I was in the "cool" part of town; aka, where all the hipsters live. The hubs had the baby, so I decided to run by Salvation Army....because surely the Salvation Army in the cool part of town must have better finds. Disappointed, I was not.

When it comes to thrifting, I am a mere novice; not like my friend Jessie, who has a black belt in the sport. I didn't do too bad on this trip though, so I thought I would share my finds!

I saw the French name on the label which I figured must mean
the dress was fancy. I looked it up and lo and behold it was an
Anthropologie dress! Anthropologie or not, it's super cute. cute and well-made.
Excuse my awkwardness. Fashion model, I am not.
love this skirt though!
even better as a dress.
and possibly the best find of all, this necklace:

I found some sweet lil' treasures for the patoot ase well, which I'll be sharing in another post.

Happy "So You Think You Can Dance" day! (I'm a little obsessed with the show. Can't wait to watch it tonight.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime vol. 1

Sweet summertime.

We have been taking full advantage of my hubby's break. He still has to work from home some, but it is oh so wonderful to have him home. We have been going on lots of family adventures, trying to make the most of summer and our remaining time here in the sweet Carolina's. I'm pretty sure that Adoration must think she is in baby heaven because she has BOTH Mama and Daddy to play with all day long. Pile all our pool time, adventures, and festivities on top of that and well, you've got one happy baby.

The patoot has been especially fun to be around. She is in full on EXPLORE mode and is basically non-stop movement and chatter-boxing all day long until she crashes for her naps and for sleep at night.

The other day we went to the splash park, which is some free fun here in the queen city. I was curious to see how she would react because the splash park are basically fountains spraying out of the ground. It could be a little much for a baby.

She eyed it a little warily at first but decided to take a round on the periphery to check it out. She crawled around one time, decided it was worthy, and started crawling through the middle. This little one is not afraid of water.

Crawling through puddles.
Eyelashes. <3

Bright sun = squinty eyes.

Oh, summertime, I love you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Party Sneak Peek

This Saturday was Adoration's First Birthday party! Her actual birthday is on the 16th but we decided to have the party a little early.

We kept the party fairly simple. We had a backyard bash with kiddie pools for the kiddos during brunch/lunch time. I planned the timing of the party to be in between Adoration's naps so she would be a happy girl. I surely didn't want a cranky baby at her own party.

I had such a blast planning this lil' shin dig. I planned, crafted, and cooked. Even though the party was simple, I found so much joy in the little details. The day before the party, I crossed my fingers and prayed that the weather wouldn't be too hot/or rain, that Adoration would be rested, and that there would be enough food (in this, I am my mother's daughter. God forbid someone not be able to eat.) And praise the Lord; it wasn't too hot, the patoot was happy for her whole party, and there was plenty of food!

At one point I looked around the party and just took in all our family and friends that have all, in some way, loved on us and our little girl this first year of her life. I watched all her sweet little friends happily playing, in all their precious childhood glory. Abundant life. I just felt so blessed and thankful.

More to come of the party, but here is a little sneak peek!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

for the Ponytail.

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A lot of my readers have found my blog through Top Baby Blogs, so I MUCHO appreciate your votes! And I mucho appreciate you, my readers. So much so, that I'm using Spanglish.

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Gracias. The ponytail says "thank you" too.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home is Where My Husband Is

Well, that's how I feel about my husband, anyways! He is my best friend, my safe place, and my home here on this earth.

Oh is a picture of him! Hello home.

Why the sappy(but true), my husband is my home bit? Well, it's officially official. We are moving from the sweet Carolina's to sunny Florida in mid July.

I am mostly excited about the move. We feel like the Lord has led us to take this jump and He always seems to know what He's doing. Plus, we will be fulfilling my life long dream of living near the ocean. So like I said, I am mostly excited.

But I'm also a little sad.

We've been blessed with such amazing friendships here in Charlotte. Especially in this last year or so of pregnancy and having a baby, I've made the sweetest wifey/mommy friends. They are authentic, transparent, real, hilarious, creative, compassionate,giving, etc. etc. They are the loveliest of lovelies. They have been such a source of encouragement to me in this new stage of life. I will miss them (and their beautiful babies!) so very much.

I've grown to realize that Charlotte is a special place in that way. In my opinion it's an okay city. The coolness quota pales in comparison to Athens, my alma mater town/one of my favorite places ever. And it's not nearly as vibrant, diverse or established as Atlanta. But the traffic's not too bad, the city is clean overall, it has the most beautiful, old oak trees, and there are charming pockets of the city.
What makes Charlotte special is the people. There is a wonderful community here. For us, living here the past couple years, the people truly have made the place. So thank you, friends, for making Charlotte feel like home.

I know there are new wells to be dug in our future home. I eagerly anticipate all that God has for us there. And I will have the person who always makes me feel at home wherever I am, blazing a trail along my side, as we follow the voice of our Father.

Sunny Florida, here we come.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

This morning was all kinds of glorious. First of all, it rained last night so it tamed the heat down. Hallelujah! Also my husband is officially on his "break" (he works with the school system so he gets some time off in the summer.) Thus, summer time is sacred in our household.
Thirdly, Adoration was having some mad-teething going on (translation: waking up screaming throughout the night, lots of drool, and general crankiness.) This seems to have abated as she slept through the night last night like normal. This morning, after she woke up, we brought her into bed with us and had family cuddle time. Kisses and giggles, soft morning light streaming in, and playing under the sheets. These are some of my most favorite moments. Ever.
Lastly, we went strawberry pickin'!

It's pretty much the end of strawberry season but that didn't stop us from filling up a basket of summer sweetness. Adoration happily crawled in the dirt, picking some strawberries of her own, and stuffing her face with them. I wish I got some pics of this but I didn't pull out the camera until we were finished and she was about over it. Over it=time for a nap=not as smiley.

Gotta get a pic in front of the tractor!
lil' face covered in strawberry juice/mud. yep....she ate a good bit of dirt along with
those strawberries.
with the hubs. check out the muddy knees!
our haul. <3

...and my after-strawberry pickin' breakfast:
whole wheat toast with farmer's market
honey-walnut goat cheese and just-picked strawberry slices!
sooooo yummy!
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