Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home is Where My Husband Is

Well, that's how I feel about my husband, anyways! He is my best friend, my safe place, and my home here on this earth.

Oh is a picture of him! Hello home.

Why the sappy(but true), my husband is my home bit? Well, it's officially official. We are moving from the sweet Carolina's to sunny Florida in mid July.

I am mostly excited about the move. We feel like the Lord has led us to take this jump and He always seems to know what He's doing. Plus, we will be fulfilling my life long dream of living near the ocean. So like I said, I am mostly excited.

But I'm also a little sad.

We've been blessed with such amazing friendships here in Charlotte. Especially in this last year or so of pregnancy and having a baby, I've made the sweetest wifey/mommy friends. They are authentic, transparent, real, hilarious, creative, compassionate,giving, etc. etc. They are the loveliest of lovelies. They have been such a source of encouragement to me in this new stage of life. I will miss them (and their beautiful babies!) so very much.

I've grown to realize that Charlotte is a special place in that way. In my opinion it's an okay city. The coolness quota pales in comparison to Athens, my alma mater town/one of my favorite places ever. And it's not nearly as vibrant, diverse or established as Atlanta. But the traffic's not too bad, the city is clean overall, it has the most beautiful, old oak trees, and there are charming pockets of the city.
What makes Charlotte special is the people. There is a wonderful community here. For us, living here the past couple years, the people truly have made the place. So thank you, friends, for making Charlotte feel like home.

I know there are new wells to be dug in our future home. I eagerly anticipate all that God has for us there. And I will have the person who always makes me feel at home wherever I am, blazing a trail along my side, as we follow the voice of our Father.

Sunny Florida, here we come.


  1. youll love it here! I am born and raised in south florida and live like 2 mins form my parents and about 5-10mins from the beach!

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  2. I feel the same way about Blake :) What part of FL are you guys moving to? Let us know if you'll be passing through Savannah anytime soon because we'd love to see you guys and meet the little beauty!

  3. oh my gosh, this is awesome, girl! i just read this, but i'm so happy for you guys!! everything happens for a reason. God will use your sweet little family wherever you go! you guys are wonderful! xoxo


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