Friday, June 3, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

This morning was all kinds of glorious. First of all, it rained last night so it tamed the heat down. Hallelujah! Also my husband is officially on his "break" (he works with the school system so he gets some time off in the summer.) Thus, summer time is sacred in our household.
Thirdly, Adoration was having some mad-teething going on (translation: waking up screaming throughout the night, lots of drool, and general crankiness.) This seems to have abated as she slept through the night last night like normal. This morning, after she woke up, we brought her into bed with us and had family cuddle time. Kisses and giggles, soft morning light streaming in, and playing under the sheets. These are some of my most favorite moments. Ever.
Lastly, we went strawberry pickin'!

It's pretty much the end of strawberry season but that didn't stop us from filling up a basket of summer sweetness. Adoration happily crawled in the dirt, picking some strawberries of her own, and stuffing her face with them. I wish I got some pics of this but I didn't pull out the camera until we were finished and she was about over it. Over it=time for a nap=not as smiley.

Gotta get a pic in front of the tractor!
lil' face covered in strawberry juice/mud. yep....she ate a good bit of dirt along with
those strawberries.
with the hubs. check out the muddy knees!
our haul. <3

...and my after-strawberry pickin' breakfast:
whole wheat toast with farmer's market
honey-walnut goat cheese and just-picked strawberry slices!
sooooo yummy!


  1. Yummy pictures! All of them!

  2. Ah....straweberrie picking, you got that after your mom!

  3. so yummy! Love Strawberries.

  4. this reminds me when i took J blueberry picking in athens. :)

  5. i love the strawberry i totally would have matched the outfit too. so cute


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