Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime vol. 1

Sweet summertime.

We have been taking full advantage of my hubby's break. He still has to work from home some, but it is oh so wonderful to have him home. We have been going on lots of family adventures, trying to make the most of summer and our remaining time here in the sweet Carolina's. I'm pretty sure that Adoration must think she is in baby heaven because she has BOTH Mama and Daddy to play with all day long. Pile all our pool time, adventures, and festivities on top of that and well, you've got one happy baby.

The patoot has been especially fun to be around. She is in full on EXPLORE mode and is basically non-stop movement and chatter-boxing all day long until she crashes for her naps and for sleep at night.

The other day we went to the splash park, which is some free fun here in the queen city. I was curious to see how she would react because the splash park are basically fountains spraying out of the ground. It could be a little much for a baby.

She eyed it a little warily at first but decided to take a round on the periphery to check it out. She crawled around one time, decided it was worthy, and started crawling through the middle. This little one is not afraid of water.

Crawling through puddles.
Eyelashes. <3

Bright sun = squinty eyes.

Oh, summertime, I love you.


  1. how fun! glad she liked it! I am not so sure my little girl would go for something like that, as much as I wish she would. She doesn't like water on her face LOL

    Visiting from

  2. her little bathing suit is so cute!


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