Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So the other day I was in the "cool" part of town; aka, where all the hipsters live. The hubs had the baby, so I decided to run by Salvation Army....because surely the Salvation Army in the cool part of town must have better finds. Disappointed, I was not.

When it comes to thrifting, I am a mere novice; not like my friend Jessie, who has a black belt in the sport. I didn't do too bad on this trip though, so I thought I would share my finds!

I saw the French name on the label which I figured must mean
the dress was fancy. I looked it up and lo and behold it was an
Anthropologie dress! Anthropologie or not, it's super cute. cute and well-made.
Excuse my awkwardness. Fashion model, I am not.
love this skirt though!
even better as a dress.
and possibly the best find of all, this necklace:

I found some sweet lil' treasures for the patoot ase well, which I'll be sharing in another post.

Happy "So You Think You Can Dance" day! (I'm a little obsessed with the show. Can't wait to watch it tonight.)


  1. totally jealous of your finds. feel free to pick up something for me next time you're there!!

  2. Erika, I totally almost got you a dress, but I didn't think it was your size. Next time. ;)

  3. kristina, you are SO beautiful! oh my goodness.
    AMAZING finds!!!

  4. this necklace in sooo pretty! And I really love SYTYCD as well, they used to show old seasons here in Estonia, but they don't anymore. Oh well :(

  5. Those are insanely cute finds. I'm a thriftin addict but find much more for my boys than for me!

  6. WOW!! love your thrifting finds. especially that necklace and skirt worn as a dress!


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