Tuesday, July 26, 2011

13 months

So far, Adoration's 13th month has been a very eventful month. She's grown like two inches taller, while staying the same weight. Her baby pudge is dwindling away. *tear*. Two more teeth popped through her gums. We moved to a different state. She can say a bunch of new words (hi, baby, what's that?, dog, and various animal noises.) She is starting to wean (more on this later.) And oh yeah, she started walking. She took her first steps the night before we moved. I cried a little bit when she took her first steps. It was already an emotional night as I was saying goodbye to one of my bestest friends. Then Adoration just stood up and walked, and tears just sprung into my eyes! She is up to about ten steps now.
All this change, developmentally and environmentally has made her crankier than normal. Plus she is always hungry. She eats ALL day long, the hungry, little hippo. This month is flying by and I've vowed to myself to make sure to take some pics of her this week, because she's changing so much and I need to freeze the memory of her at this stage!

the little model.
Dear Adoration,

I know it's been a little crazy around here lately but I hope you will always find a safe place in me and your daddy when the world is shifting all around you. We will never be perfect but I hope that despite our imperfections, that you will always feel at home with us. And even more, I hope you will always seek refuge in your Heavenly Daddy who never changes and is perfect in love.

I love you little girl. I'll make sure we go to the beach together lots here in our new home. It can be our special place. <3

a thousand kisses,

your Mama.


  1. So sweet!
    Walking changes everything! Get ready to burn some calories!

  2. tear, and another or two or three...just thinking about her taking those steps. sniff. i LOVE that picture! kael is more interested in animal sounds now, i think adoration encouraged him in that. ;) miss your face and LOVE tid bits from blog posts. <3 love and miss you like CRAZINESS. a hug and a kiss.

  3. She's beautiful. I love that you can see more of what she will look like now...

  4. little beauty! missing you pretty ladies.


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