Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving on out.

A packing TORNADO has hit our house! We move in six days. People keep asking me how I feel and honestly I don't quite know how I feel right now. I am the type of person that likes my space in order. Until we are all packed up, moved, and unpacked, I probably won't be able to process all my emotions about the move. When my space is cluttered, my mind is cluttered. I find myself wanting to take breaks in this packing process and escape to nice, clean, orderly spaces just to breathe. You know...just go to Target and admire all the nice rows of color coordinated things and wide aisles, with a Starbucks in hand.

It will probably be pretty quiet on the blog for a bit with the whole moving process. Next time, hopefully I will be saying "hey" from our new home in south Fl!

Till next time!
xoxo, Kristina


  1. hey, i read your blog alot and love it:) hang in there it is very hard moving with everything around you a mess but you will get through it:) where is south fl if u dont mind me asking. I lived in south florida all my life and about 2and half years ago moved to the west coast of florida near ft.myers. Good luck with moving and hope to chat with u some more:)

  2. Breanna...I'm so glad you enjoy my little blog! I'd rather not say exactly where in south fl because of possible creepy, internet stalker people, but I would gladly tell you if you send me your e-mail or email me. ;)

  3. yes, i understand:) my email is pinkbows88@gmail.com i also notice are lil girls are not to faw apart from eachother:) your daughter is super cutie!xo feel free to email anytime to talk.

  4. Ohmygoodness! i am SO like that too! even when my house is in disarray I can't think or function properly! when we moved back in December I was incoherent for 2 weeks!

    love your blog!


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