Thursday, August 11, 2011

By the Seashore.

Our treasures from this week.
Adoration loves finding seashells. so sweet!

A convo with my husband:

James: What did did ya'll do today?

me: Oh, you know, just went to the beach. whatev.

It is so crazy to me that I can get to the beach here in the same amount of time it took me to drive to the grocery store in Charlotte. Apparently people that have lived here their whole lives don't think this is a big deal. Except it is a big deal. They just complain about the heat all the time. Except they don't realized that it is actually cooler here than a lot of the country right now. The average temp here for the year is like 74 degrees. Do you know how many days were 74 degrees in the other places I lived!? A total of like 15 days. You wait all the hot, humid summer for the moderate weather of Fall. And then you get like two weeks of Fall before it just turns cold and rainy, and you have to scrape the ice of your car every morning. Then you wait all Winter for the warm, but not hot weather of Spring. Then actual Spring weather only lasts like one week before it gets really, really Hot, and you want to die. Welcome to most of the South, ya'll.

So sure it's hot here. But it's really not that hot. And then it will get cooler. And be the perfect temperature, and not get cold, for the rest of the year. So natives, you should just stop complaining.

So anyways, I am absolutely loving living near the ocean. The floorboards of my car are covered with sand and while that would drive some people crazy, when I see that sand, it makes my heart happy. Because that sand all over the floor of my car means we live at the beach:

I wear flip-flops every day. I have embraced beachy hair. I went paddle-boarding in the middle of the week with my hubs at the end of his work day. I saw a manatee just chillin' in the water. I cheered on a baby sea turtle. I have worn the same cut-off's three days in a row. We ordered a child bike trailer so we can go on family bike rides every night. Fish is becoming a staple part of our diet. A slew of bathing suits hang perpetually in our bathrooms. We are not on vacation.

Paddle-boarding was definitely a highlight of the week. James' team from work was having a team building day and me and the Patoot got to tag along. It was a flat day on the ocean so we went to a gorgeous, practically empty beach, rather than paddling on the inter-coastal. The beach was full of reef pools that colorful fish love to hang out in, perfect for snorkeling. Guess we have to get some snorkel gear! I love finding all these secret spots.

I absolutely loved paddle-boarding. It was my first time and felt natural to me.( Next up, learning to surf! I have a feeling that for all my next holiday gifts, I'll be asking for beach gear.) And get this...we saw a manatee out in the water. Sadly, I was on the shore watching Adoration, giving the hubs a turn on one of the boards. I saw the manatee from a distance...but the fatty was swimming right up by the guys on the boards. I was pretty jealous of the guy's proximity to the manatee. I just love those fat sweeties.

At one point, I was having a turn out on a paddle-board, paddling alongside James' co-worker, Nick. With the gentle breeze, clear, blue water below us, and colorful fish darting underneath; it felt like a dream. Or at least like we were on a vacation. But, no, it was just a regular ol' Tuesday. Nick turned to me and said, "It feels like we are in the Bahamas." And it did.

So the transition to becoming Floridian was surprisingly natural. Now if only I could share all of this with all the people I love. Despite our idyllic surroundings, I am missing friends and community so, so, much. I just wish wherever we were, all the people we loved always surrounded us. I think everybody probably wishes that. But the world doesn't revolve around me, as much as I selfishly wish it did sometimes (what? people can't just uproot their lives and follow me around?)

I know community takes time and I know we find it. My motto has been "to have friends, you've got to be a friend first." So I'm keeping my eyes peeled for people that could use a friend.
Until we have some community, I'm counting my blessings and letting the ocean breezes cheer me up.


  1. I am totally jealous of the beach proximity. I really want to try paddle boarding. And I think you should get Adoration a manatee as her first pet. She will totally win at show and tell.

  2. I, for one, love being a Floridian! I was born and raised living on the most beautiful beaches known as emerald coast. :) This summer has been my first that I have not spent at least one whole day at the beach since I had a baby late April. We only get to go sunset time with her. And it made me realize how much I took living by the beach for granted. So, thank you for this lovely reminder. And I can't wait to do all those things you listed above again next summer :)

  3. Kristina, I recently discovered your blog. and it is so inspiring! I have read a fews posts and said to myself, I wish I still lived in the same city as Kristina and James!

    I know what it's like to move far away from friends and to a new city....unfortunately the one we moved to does not have a beach!

    Much love, Lacie

  4. sounds amazing, what a wonderful place to raise a family.

  5. Love this! and I'm jealous.... I mean excited for you. ;) I love the idea of having bathing suits hanging in the bathroom every day!

  6. sold. we're moving. florida here we come!!!


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