Monday, August 29, 2011

Date Night

Me and the hubs had a much needed date night Saturday. For all of our dates since Adoration was born we have either A) had to rush back to make sure I was back in time for her next nursing session. B) left for our date AFTER she was down for the night. Since she never took a bottle, this is just how it had to be. She's been slowly weaning (I've been going by her cues and letting her self-wean, for the most part.) Her last hold-outs were her before-bed nursing session and her morning feeding. A couple of weeks ago she dropped her night feeding. A whole new world of going out possibilities opened up. We could actually eat out dinner during a reasonable hour! gasp! And just a couple days ago, she dropped her morning feeding. So at fourteen months, Adoration is officially weaned. whew! While part of it was a little bittersweet, man, I was ready to be done with breastfeeding. It helps that I have a snuggly little bug. If anything, I think she is more snuggly since weaning!

So back to The Date. We went to this amazing restaurant that is basically like a big tiki hut, all open air, overlooking the inter coastal waterway. They have docks at the back of the restaurant, so you could paddle board, boat, or kayak straight in. It's pretty beautiful, with tropical plants everywhere and little streams running through parts of the restaurants. It feels like you on some kind of exotic island, with the ocean breeze, water, and palm trees. Dinner was yummy(and so was my pina colada!) Conversation with my hubs as we watched the sun set, was even better.

After dinner we took a night time walk on the beach. With lightning storms over the deep, and shooting stars overhead, hand-in-hand with my best friend and the father of my child, I was falling in love all over again.

my date. for always and forever.

Since we were going to a "tropical" restaurant, I wore my "tropical" dress.
Because I'm cheesy like that sometimes.

colorful chairs on the dock.
Wait.....we LIVE here?


  1. hey, make sure you come check out my first giveaway!! yay!

  2. That looks like basically the best date night ever!!! We will have to make it a double date when we come visit. Which should be soon. Cause I'm tired of Athens.

  3. I agree with Deanna, you do look beautiful! Sounds like such a fun restaurant :D

  4. so glad you were able to go on a date! i totally understand how important that is, and how hard it is to actually go out with little ones that are nursing. you look so pretty in that dress, too! :)

  5. looks so beautiful, as do you.


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